Saturday, December 23, 2006

He caught me cheating on him.

Have you ever been caught red-handed? I was today, dang I thought I was better at this.

I was on my way out this morning, and walked to the mailbox. It was pretty full there was a box, and when I looked up there he was standing in my driveway. Oh my! What are you doing here? You could tell by his posture that he knew he wasn't supposed to be in my driveway.

Maybe, just maybe...I looked up, and yes standing in the window, he was watching. Oh, I am soo busted. But I guess I have to finish this, turning my attention back to the cutie standing here in the driveway...

He's wagging his tail, and he comes up to me, ahh no tag. Who do you belong to? Go home! My D-O-G is in the window, don't you hear him barking? Yes, I guess you do "Lost D-O-G" there he goes running off down the street.

I am going to have some explaining to do when I get home...I better just pick up some doggie treats at the store. He'll understand...well, he'll be happy for the treats any way.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy Holidays!

I passed all my classes! Yea! I was worried about my math class.

I also made it through the flight. It was so fun! Taking off my shoes, taking out the quartsize bag and taking out my laptop and then getting out of the way of those behind me. And I forgot to buy gum on the way to the airport, so I had to spend big money on gum.

Oh, and where did I go on my short trip? I went to KY to see my son graduate from Basic Training. He did well, and I am very proud of him. I didn't actually get to see him until the graduation ceremony, and it took me almost the whole ceremony to be able to pick him out of the sea of green. And it seems that he has grown up soo much in 10 weeks. He is home for the holidays, and then he will go to another 6 weeks of training.

So we have a few holiday things to do, and he is catching up & hanging out with his friends.

I am sure I will be posting more during the holidays, but I still want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 18, 2006

A Joke to make your day

It made mine.

An extremely modest man was in the hospital for a series of tests, the last

of which had left his bodily systems extremely upset.
Upon making several false alarm trips to the bathroom, he decided the latest
episode was another and stayed put. He suddenly filled his bed with diarrhea
and was embarrassed beyond his ability to remain rational.
In a complete loss of composure he jumped out of bed, gathered up the bed
sheets, and threw them out the hospital window.
A drunk was walking by the hospital when the sheets landed on him. He
started yelling, cursing, and swinging! his arms violently trying to get the
unknown things off, and ended up with the soiled sheets in a tangled pile at
his feet.
As the drunk stood there, unsteady on his feet, staring down at the sheets,
a hospital security guard (barely containing his laughter) who had watched
the whole incident walked up and asked, "What the heck is going on here?"
The drunk, still staring down replied: "I think I just beat the shit out of
a ghost".

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

ISO 3 ounces

I realized that flying could be rather frightening now in these days of tight security. And no I don't mean that being on an airplane thousands of feet in the air at a very high rate of speed is scary.

The decisions one has to make in regard to what to take in carry on luggage. I am only going out of town for 2 days & 1 night, so I do not want to check my bags. So, I have to decide will I be ashy? Take my contact lenses yes, but I won't have fluid for them? Oh, maybe I can do without toothpaste. But I can take my corkscrew & cigar cutter, maybe I should start knitting, because I can take knitting needles. Who needs a corkscrew on a plane? Or shortly after landing? Smoking is not allowed, so cigar cutter? WTF?

What to wear? Cute boots boots with a zipper, or ugly shoes that are easy to slip out of, or better yet sandles. They go with socks, right?

And I am a black woman, lets not even go into the list of hair products that won't fit in a 1 quart sandwich bag. Decisions, decisions. But I can buy all of this once I have gone through security at the airport. Yeah right, I want a $20.00 bottle of lotion with that $5.00 pack of gum.

So if you are in the airport and see a woman with no makeup, ugly glasses, ashy skin, don't be scared, just ask me to open your bottle of wine with my corkscrew. ;-)

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Don't give up

on me. :-) I am trying to finish assignments & study for finals. So after the 15th, I will probably try to blog every day until the next semester starts in January. I will also be catching up on all the blogs that I read as well.

I actually passed a math test, there IS hope!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Great Thanksgiving!

I had a very nice Thanksgiving Day yesterday. I spent a good bit of time on the road, but it was a beautiful day and traffic was moving smoothly. And I got home in time to get a phone call from my son.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I cried today.

I signed the list, and took a seat and started reading my magazine. "Remnants! 1st chair to the left."

I take the seat, lay back, and hold my eyelid closed. Then the beautician (torturer) starts threading my eyebrows. She is quick, but the hairs are still being yanked out by the roots. My eyes start watering, But that's o.k. I will hold my eyelid shut with my fingers. So I participate in this torture.

When she's done, she hands me a mirror. I guess it is for my approval. I can't see, because my eyes are full of water, and one of my contacts is folded in my eye.

But I paid for the torture, and I left her a tip. Now that I can see, it looks like my eyebrows are even and quite natural looking.

So I cried today, and in about 2-3 weeks, I will go do it again.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Yes, I have done that

and other things even dumber. Thanks Chele for making me think about it. I can't even say that I had anything good to drink to cause it. Maybe I was just hungry, yeah that's it.

It was a couple of months ago. My son had a guy work on his car, and owed him some money. So, since my school is near his house, we agreed that I would call him on my lunch break and we would meet in a parking lot so I could give him the money.

I pull into a parking space & look frantically for the money in the many compartments of my purse. Just as I find it I look in my rearview mirror...and think "Dang he does live close, he's here already?" So I get out of the car, and give him the money. And then I go in to the sandwich shop. There are a few people in front of me, but I have some time before my next class so I wait. Now, I have them make my sandwich, will this be for here, or to go. Hmm, I think I will take it to go, so I pay, and on my way out..."oh, no, where are my keys? Oh, here I go in the purse again, damn!" I didn't realize I had so many compartments.
The light bulb goes off! You know what the keys are not in my purse...Is the car still there? Whew! Yes it is still where I left with the keys in it and the ignition still on.

What is that saying about fools & babies? And we know I am not a baby.

Friday, November 10, 2006

We Lost another one

Yesterday, I was surprised to hear that Ed Bradley died. He was probably the 1st black man I saw on TV doing the news.

But, I was floored today, when I heard that Gerald Levert died. I think he just turned 40 this year.

They say bad news comes in 3's. I am afraid to watch the news or listen to the radio.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

2 Things

This is going to be a drive-by or a quickie.

I saw a dead armadillo on the highway this past weekend. Yeah, rather unremarkable bit of information. However, I grew up, and did quite a bit of driving in Texas, and it dawned on me that it had been years since I saw an armadillo, dead or alive.

When I was in girl scouts, and went camping. We had tents that were on a platform about maybe 2 feet off the ground. Yeah we were really roughing it, because there were 4 twin sized cots inside. But at night the armadillos used to make a lot of noise under those tents. Thankfully the didn't do steps. That was thing #1 on my mind.

Thing #2 on my mind...well you may think it's a gross & and a strange thing to have on my mind. But it is something that I learned in college, and I don't even have a science class. There are ducks, swans, and geese (actually they may have migrated) on campus. I used to wonder who was letting their small dog poop on the sidewalk, that is until I started parking on the other side of campus. Then I realized that it is actually, large bird (duck/swan/goose) poop. They are rather messy. LOL

Ok, now I am off to learn something class. I wonder if it will be so profound. Heh-heh-heh.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Saturday Ramblings

I heard from my son and he sounds like he is doing well. He was so addicted to the video games, that I was worried that he would have trouble with the physical training. But he makes it through the daily running, and has passed the other physical things that he has to do, so I guess I was just being overly mom-like.

I really have a quite a few things including homework that I should be working on right now, but I have detoured here instead, because I feel like I have been away too long. It's funny how when I am in the car or doing something else, I will say to myself, I need to write about that. However, finding the time is the problem.

Sometimes it seems that plans that happen at the last minute are the most fun. I was invited last Sunday to a gathering that was happening only 2 hours later, and had a great time. Maybe the fact that I do things on the spur of the moment makes me open to that. Because I have friends that plan things well in advance, and even if they don't have plans, they wouldn't have accepted. I have to admit I love my friends that plan things, so I don't have to.

Although, a few years ago I did want to scream at one of my "friends that plans ahead" when I was getting a call at work in December about a trip we were going to take in July. Maybe if there was a deadline for the payment or something, I wouldn't have been so frustrated, but it wasn't. She was just off, and had questions. I on the other hand was at work and it was the busiest time of the year for us. I have to admit though, that was a great trip, her early reservations allowed for us to have a great condo very close to the beach.

I know this is rather short, and probably boring, but I have to run some errands. I will be back, because I a number of things that I want to blog about.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Kill that freakin' bird!

It's not what you think. So P.E.T.A. doesn't have to start a picket line outside in my yard. I am still a dog lover. Yes, Shaggy is laying by the door looking at me as if to say "What is this dog creature that you keep talking about?" LOL

I was in the restaurant, and I use the term loosely. For those of you familiar with Georgia, it's on every corner, open 24 hours, and has House in the name. ;-) I like to go in the morning, and listen to the conversations between the waitresses & the regulars. Mr. Floyd was the man of the hour that morning. He looked to be about 70, and all the waitresses seemed to know him.

Oh, yes, back to the bird.

I am talking about the annoying chirp from the cell phone. Why does it have to chirp between each part of the conversation? Example: Guy at counter.
"Hey! Where are you?" (Annoying chirp)
"Wauwau, wau wau, wau." (that's the adult speak from Charlie Brown, 'cause I couldn't understand what the other person was saying.)
(Annoying chirp) Guy at counter. "Yeah." (Annoying chirp)
Wauwau, wau wau, wau." (Annoying chirp)
Guy at counter. "uhh, huh." (Annoying chirp)
Wauwau, wau wau, wau." (Annoying chirp)
Guy at counter. "uhh, huh." (Annoying chirp)
and so on.

I was ready to jump up from my seat, stab his hand with my fork, snatch the phone from him, throw it on the floor, and stomp it. And then sit back down and finish my grits, cheese eggs, and raisin toast. :-) Fortunately for him his to go order came out.

Why does it have to chirp between each part of the conversation? If there is a response within 10-15 seconds there should not be a chirp. I don't know maybe it's just me. Maybe other people like that noise.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Who is going to drink the milk?

I tried to post this a few times, but it seems I chose to try when blogger was down.

It was a week ago, but last week my son left home. To go where you ask? He is in Basic training. He joined the Army Reserves. I certainly didn't want him to join while we are at war. But his 19th birthday was a few weeks ago. I think "the do as I say not as I do/did" is beneath him. Or that he is too smart to fall for that one.

I was a reservist myself before he was born (not Army) and his father & both of his grandfathers were in the Army. He also has an aunt that retired from the navy about 2 or 3 years ago. Fortunately he chose a job that isn't one that would have him in direct combat. But anyone that goes overseas is in harms way. So I will have to pray that his unit will not go anywhere anytime soon.

And I am lactose intolerant, so I guess I will be pouring out what is left of the gallon of milk. He should have pretty strong bones, because he went through quite a lot of milk in a week.

So the d-o-g and I are getting used to life without him for the rest of the year. Which will take a lot of getting used to for me, because he was never gone for more than about a month at a time.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

He doesn't know!

I was going to write a cute little ditty, using the tune to Shaggy's "It wasn't Me"...Yes, I said ditty...But it is after midnight & I have to be up by 6:30, so I will tell the story.

My best friend made that statement to me about my dog, and after an episode on the park on Saturday, I had to call her and tell her she was right. Well, her exact words were "Remnants, he doesn't know he's a dog."

I drove to Piedmont Park in Atlanta, so that we (me & the dog) could find the dog park there. An area, that is fenced in so the dogs can run free. And since my dog is always on a leash or a chain, I thought this would be soo exciting for him. And I would enjoy it too, since I wanted to see him happy...yeah, just like I do for my son.

So we finally went down the right path that leads us to it, and since it was a nice sunny Saturday, there were dogs & owners of all shapes and sizes. We walk in and I see dogs all over the place, so I walk away from the entrance, and take his leash off. Immediately about 3 dogs run up to great him...Well, he sees them and he takes off...the chase is on.

However, I could tell by the look in his eyes...yes, I said the look in his eyes. That he was scared, and not playing "catch me if you can," but trying to get away from these 4 legged creatures that were right on his tail. The faster he ran, the faster they ran, as he would stop and pivot right, so would they, oh a turn to the left, no he didn't lose them that time either. Finally everyone was tired & went their separate ways, he came and stayed right next to me, panting heavily. This is the dog that always runs away so I can chase him to hook the leash on him. So I tried to get him to go drink at the water fountain (it had a big bowl under it) But he would not go near it...Even when the other dogs left it.

I walked casually around, and he stayed right next to me, greeting the humans that we passed. But when another dog would come to sniff him, he was having no parts of it. So, I started talking to another dog owner there,, and we both agreed, that our dogs were probably more comfortable looking for the couch & the TV. So, my dog &I left, and I finally had to pour water out of my bottle for him to drink before we got back to the car. So yes, I was a little thirsty, but since I didn't run anywhere, I decided he needed it more than I did.

And, I will have to break the news to him slowly...Shaggy...You are a dog.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Life & Death

Both have been on my mind lately. A number of things have happened recently that brings both subjects to light.

About 2 weeks ago one of my long time friends called, and told me that she was on medical leave, because she had a stroke. What?! We are only 42 years old, and I am older by a few months. She is still having various tests done, but she is ok. Of course in our conversations, she mentioned some of the things she had in place for her son. And a family member being upset because they wanted her car...WTF? Ok that will be another post.

However, all of this had me thinking about friends and/or relatives that didn't live to see certain milestones in their life.
  1. My dad, who died shortly after his 50th birthday, but before his grandson was born (my son who just turned 19 yesterday.)
  2. A highschool classmate that died in a car wreck, before our 5th year highschool reunion.
  3. A close friend of mine, his birthday was the day before mine...he died of cancer a few months before he would turn 40.
  4. Another friend of mine lost her sister to breast cancer a few months after we turned 40.
There are others some that I may not remember in this moment.

And I also remember things that have happened to me where I think, "Wow, I lived through that?" All of this makes me think that each day I get I need to be thankful for. Even if that is a day that I failed my math test, or don't quite have the money to pay that bill. I am not going to be happy every single day, but I have to make the most of the days that I have. And fulfill whatever purpose that I have on this earth, even if I am taking a little longer than most to figure out what that is.

Actually as I write this there is a report right now on the news, about a local 15 year old that died after a battle with cancer. They were interviewing children from the middle school he attended.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

In Black and White

I think quite often race "colors" our perspectives. And of course I can only speak about my own experiences. I am a black woman (stating the obvious) and even though my elementary school years placed me in predominately white environments in the 70's, I still feel that my views differ from white people. Based on mainly race.

My most recent example happened in school. A small group of students between classes started talking about the high schools they went to. And one of the guys (white) commented on a school, and said "It's a war zone over there." Well, the young man (black) that had gone to the school said, "About 10 years ago when we moved to that area, it was mostly white. Now, the area and the school are predominately black. I don't think it's a war zone, it's just mostly black now"

The funny thing is I had been a party to conversations about that city before, when I was at work, so the people were probably 10 to 20 years older that these students. But the conversation was pretty much the same. The white people/person making an extreme statement about the area being dangerous/a war zone etc. and the black person/people commenting/thinking no, it's just mostly black.

I think it's ironic that no matter what the age, the perception was the same based on race. Although maybe it is a geographical thing. This is the south.

I must admit though even from my "black woman" perspective I chose not to live in that area because I didn't think the schools were academically up to par. I decided to live where I do so my son could go to a school that was diverse, not just racially, but economically as well. However, at the college level, I would love it if he decided to go to an HBCU. Ahh, I guess that will be another post.

But back to black and white. I think about a few conversations that I had were it seems that some of the opinions were along racial lines, as opposed to gender or age. Am I unusual? or does anyone else think the same/differently?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I am still here! So, I will ramble

I have made it through a few tests. And on 1 test the teacher will throw out our lowest grade ok...yes, I have used it. :-)

My car is running fine, but one rainy morning one of my wind shield wipers went out. Yes, I said 1, the other one kept going, but of course the 1 that broke was...yes the driver side wiper. Not while I was on a street close to the house, but once I was on the highway, with trucks splashing water on my windshield. It is fixed now, apparently something was loose.

As a parent, I enjoy making my son happy. But did he really have to laugh so hard...and long the other day when he found some pictures of me from my high school days. Yes, it was the 80's, but those big glasses were in style...really. Hmm, 2026 should be interesting. I will pull out the photo album for his girl friend/wife/kids...somebody...and entertain them 20 years from now. LOL

I had so many things in my head earlier that I wanted to type...but I am tired.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thursday Ramblings

I think I am on the computer more hours during the day, now than I was when I was working. But I am happier, less stressed (for the most part) . Or at least stressed but happier about this stress than I was at my job. Did I just say happier 2 sentences in a row? Ha! I guess some of my former co-workers would say I was rubbing it, just stating a fact. In a much happier way. LOL

My son ran out of gas last night, on the highway. Guess who had to get the gas can and go find his Ass...yeah, me. I just don't understand...must I ask him daily "Did you go to the gas station?" I know, maybe if I didn't go save him...but it was the highway, with trucks whizzing by. Ahh, maybe I should make him pay for the upgrade on our Triple A membership...because he has already used his limit of 3. Great idea if I must say so myself...He will be paying for the upgrade.

I really have more to ramble about, but this was a study break, and I have a few problems to finish before the 11pm deadline.

Don't leave me...I will try to post more often, and more interesting stuff. :-)

Thursday, August 31, 2006


The new word for the day, at least for those of you that may not have had any sales training. What's In It For Me? I am not sure if that is the right title today, but basically I am annoyed by people that want something for nothing.

We all know that the person on the corner with the sign that says "Will work for food" intends just gather what ever money people are willing to give through their car windows. I think at least they are offering Something.

It seems that lately I have more people knocking on my door or even my friend's homes with buckets asking for money. And I get so annoyed, especially when people do it in the name of a church. No, I haven't slammed the door in any body's face, and yes, I have given a few dollars.
But it does make me mad sometimes that people will do this in the name of a church, and offer nothing, not even an invitation for me to join you on Sunday to get a message. What is that about?

What's in it for me? Offer something, baked goods, to wash my car, a bible verse even. But don't just knock on my door, or come up to my car when I am at the light. Yes, call me Scrooge, but I even hate to see the little league team with their helments out taking money at the light. I feel like the parents or coaches are not teaching the children that one has to work for what they get. And the result of that is the so called minister that was at my door with a bucket asking for money. I don't know where his church is, or what time the services are, and he never offered to tell me.

The one that concerned me the most was just yesterday. When I was at my friend's house getting tutored for my dreaded math class. Her doorbell rang, and when she answered it there was a little girl at the door asking for money for a school trip. Not selling anything. The reason I was concerned is because when I got whatever the PTA was selling that particular year while my son was in school. They always cautioned us about door to door sales to people that you don't know. Because so many childrened get harmed by people these days. I didn't go to the door, so I assume someone was with her. But I think the parents should be beat.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

This Beta Thing is annoying!

I have tried to log on a few times, and make comments on other blogs today, and this is the 1st time I was successful.

Now that it is so late, I don't have much to say.

Although, I am trying to add iron to my diet to help this old memory of mine. My math class has me confused already, and we are just reviewing some algebra. So call me Popeye, because I am eating spinach, although the brain isn't a muscle, so I don't know if that is a good analogy. LOL

Hmm, maybe after a good night's sleep...I will be a little more coherent.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Old habits are hard to break

I am getting back into the swing of being a student. And am doing pretty good, so far.

Well, there was that episode this morning on the highway. I was driving toward my old job...But once I exited the highway, and went in the right direction all was great, and I still made it to class on time.

Not sure if the bad memory set in this morning, forgot where I was going, or if the almost 15 years of going to the same place was the problem this morning.

Thanks to all for your words of encouragement about returning to school.

Now to all of you computer experts...I may need your help at some point, because I am majoring in a computer field. ;-)

Friday, August 18, 2006

Not so "Confused"

In July I made a short post about some decisions, that I was in the process of making. I didn't go into any of the details.

Well, I made the decision about 2 weeks ago. I decided to go back to school. Yeah, yeah, I know people do it every day. Actually, a few years ago, I took 1 or 2 classes at night, and did pretty good. I was a little stressed between work, school & family.

So what is so different Remnants, stop beating around the bush & tell us. LOL Well, I quit my job; and will be going to school full-time. No, I didn't win the lottery. There will be some big changes in my life. Many of which I am still making, but I will be starting classes Monday morning, and hopefully knocking out the rest of my undergrad degree asap.

I will probably be a renter again soon as opposed to a homeowner....but actually I had about 328 more payments on the home, so who owned it really? :-)

Monday, August 14, 2006

Miscellaneous Monday Observations

This weekend I caught part of the movie "Carmen Jones" on TV. Now I must rent it and watch it from beginning to end. It was in color, but I think I want to see the original black and white. I didn't realize that it was an adaptation ofthe Opera "Carmen." What was my thought about this you ask? Well, there was a scene where Carmen (Dorothy Dandridge) was running from Joe (Harry Belafonte) and she was doing it in heals & a skirt. Running quite well I might add, and I just thought about how un-formal I dress in comparison to how they dressed in the '50's. I love the look of the era, but I am glad I don't have to run in heals. :-)

Another unbelieveable moment in Atlanta Traffic. We have these signs that warn about traffic. Usually, it seems that I don't pass the sign before I run into the problem. But the other day, I actually saw a sign warning me about the problem early enough so that I could choose a different route. Woo hoo! An amazing acomplishment in my travels around the ATL.

On the other hand a truly annoying moment in the car. Don't you hate it when people drive the wrong way down an aisle in a parking lot. Especially when there is a sign that says do not enter. As I sit in my car unable to exit, because the idiot in the "supersized" SUV has turned into the aisle that I am trying to exit. As I drove slowly by the idiot and glanced at him, I read his sleeve and it said "Police"...I thought they had to pass reading tests for that job. :-)

Hmm, pretty empty head if I only had 3 thoughts for the entire day. LOL Well, it's all I care to type about for now. ;-)

Have a happy Monday!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

There is no __________ ?

It was Saturday morning, and I was ready for breakfast. Not your normal breakfast, but a simple one anyway. I open the cabinet push aside the George Foreman grill, oops catch the blender, and yes there it is the toaster. I put it on the counter, plug it in, and grab the bread. Oh, boy this is going to be good. Open the fridge...looking in the door...the top shelf, ahh yes grape jelly. OK I am rolling now.

I open the pantry, it's not on the top shelf, no it isn't behind the crackers. Middle shelf, oh there, no not behind the Spaghetti sauce. Where is it. No, bottom shelf only canned vegetables. Maybe it fell on the floor behind the 20 rolls of paper towels. Nope, I never run out of it, it's one of those must have staples. OK think Remnants there is a teenager in the house. Maybe it's in the cabinet, nope only glasses & cups, ok the other only plates & bowls. Maybe it's no, no, not there don't open the'll get water on the floor.

ALL I WANTED WAS A PEANUTBUTTER & JELLY SANDWICH ON TOAST. Is that too much to ask? I ALWAYS have peanut butter....except when I want it. Dammit!

What ingrediant would have you dismantle your kitchen?

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Patience, Patience It's Thursday

I got off of work late the other day, and was too hungry to cook even a 30 min meal. I didn't want fast food, so I went to a cafeteria style restaurant. Was it the hunger head ache, or the fact that I have been out of the kid game too long?

As I walked in the door down the aisle to the food line, there was a family a mother and her son & daughter standing near the wall reading the sign. Maybe I can get in line before them, no, I wasn't fast enough. Uh oh what does the sign say? Say it isn't so, oh yes it is. "Kids eat free limit 2 per adult." I am too hungry for this, and not in the mood for smiling at cute kids. Well that doesn't really matter, cute is not here today, because Bay-Bay is in line in front of me with her Bad "A" kids.

Why do these cafeteria's put the desserts first? There he goes running toward the cashier with his tray, and the dessert (nothing else--just the dessert). All right, that did get a chuckle from me. Now for the scowl on my face, why did she let the 5 year old get his own tray? Didn't she know that would happen? I did, and I am too hungry for games right now.

Damn, does everybody in line have 2 kids? Did you go through the neighborhood & just pick up some children. Give me some food and I won't be so cranky. Ok, I will calm down.

Lord knows I worked the 99 cent menu when my son was little. Oh, free refills on drinks? One small please? I think the 1st time I bought us 2 drinks, he thought someone else was going join us to eat.

Finally, I am at the end of the line, let me get my bag & plasticware so I can go straight to the cashier. I want it to go, no I am not going to sit here in the restaurant, while the Bay-Bay's children run & scream. Oh, no not me. I'll go home and eat, and make note to self. "Cook on Thursday."

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Jesus Loves You!

The other day I stopped at a little corner store/gas station/check cashing place that I have gone to for years, even though now I don't live close enough to walk to it. You know the one, where the owner and the long time employee knows me by name. It was here before the new subdivisions & stores & auto repair shops, and I never buy gas there, because it is more expensive than the Quik-trip that I now live close to, but since I pass it to get to the highway I find reasons to stop.

I needed a cold bottle of water & some lottery tickets (uh-oh lottery tickets & Jesus in the same post?)

When I drove up I should have known it wasn't going to be the normal quick stop. I see a small rusty truck with tools, ladders & the other handyman junk that you typically see. A lady and her son at the entrance to the store, and an older white man standing close to the store reading a paper (hmm that's a little unusual). As I am backing in to my parking space a young man that looks to be in his 20's walks past me (he's black that's normal for this area). He walks toward the man reading the paper. I've finished parking the car.

As I open my car and turn to get out, I am eye level to their hands. OMG did I just see, yes there is a little package in the white guy's hand now. OK, Remnants, act like you didn't see that. Just walk past them and go in the store. Black guy watches me walk past.

What?! Lady with son, "I said the door is locked, but the lights are on, so maybe the clerk is in the restroom. " "Oh, I say," that's unusual." Still pulling on locked door, peering into the store. I am sooo thirsty, nervous, ready for that Mega Millions ticket, and running late to appointmnent.

Whew! When I turn around young man is gone, and white guy is getting in the old rusty truck. I am glad I don't have to walk past them again. I get in my car and pull off, wait for traffic to pass store so I can get on the road. As I speed down the road in my 10 year old clunker, I pass white guy in rusty truck.

Did I mention the signs on the truck? Oh, printed on them were the words, "JESUS LOVES YOU"

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Where are the red lights?

Have you ever been driving, and needed to look at the map, a phone number, finish your hair/make-up; and every light was green? Lights that I always catch on red happened to be green this morning. Why you ask; because I had my hair brush in my lap ready for me to finish my hair.
So tomorrow when I am running late I think I will leave my hair undone, and carry my rubber band and a brush. That way I will never sit at a red light again. :-)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Jazz in the Summer

The great thing about Atlanta & surrounding area in the summer, is the fact that there is always something going on in the summer time. A fest or festival of some sort. I went to the Dekalb Blues & Jazz Festival. Well, since I went Saturday, I went on the Jazz night of the Festival. It was at an amphitheater in Lithonia. Yes, it was hot, but as the night progressed it got cooler.

There were some local artists that were really good, a local group called Planet Jazz. The headliners were Al.ex Bu.g.non & Mi.chael F.ran.ks. They both gave great performances. Like I said I enjoyed the performances. But I was also entertained by the people around me. It seems that at concerts you can always have conversations with those around you during set changes and what not.

There was the group on the lawn that had tents with a buffet set up. But in the seats around me, there was a couple that was pretty entertaining, well he was. She seemed to be the calming force for him. There was a couple that was in town (from St. Louis) for, but since he had a cooler full of beer, they were cool, and didn't have that holier than thou religious attitude that some people have. There was the drunk woman that was pretty loud.

Couple #1 - where I got most of my non-musical entertainment. He needed ritalin or something, he was yelling at the performers, nothing bad more like terms of encouragement. I think I almost choked on my drink when he said, "Boy am I glad I don't drink alcohol." And someone in the crowd commented, "yeah, so are we." Basically, he was more entertaining than annoying. There was a point that I almost snapped on him though. He was there with another couple, and I know that the man was named Mike, because Mr. Entertainment was calling him. You know like a 5 year old trying to get his mother's attention. But Mike was in the middle of another conversation with his date & the couple from St. Louis.
"Mike. Mike. Mike. Mike. (I am about to snap, like a mother does when the 5year old keeps calling Mommy. Mommy. Mommy.) Fortunately, for him & my sanity. His girlfriend calmly said. "Baby, Mike is talking to someone else right now."

Couple #2 - the couple from St. Louis was very friendly, and just impressed with all the things to do in Atlanta. The things that I tend to forget, because I live here. They went to the King Center, and were impressed with the concert venue. Actually, since it was my first time there I was too. Also, the price was outrageous. $5.00 for lawn seats, and $10.00 on the concrete seats. They were amazed at how affordable it was.

So my goal is for the last few weeks of summer is to enjoy what Atlanta has to offer. The things that I tend to forget about as a resident of the city. I know my writing needs improvement, but hopefully, I can write about my adventures, and you will enjoy reading them.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I am soo confused!

Not sure if I am suffering through a midlife crisis, or if I am terminally confused about what/where I am in life.

That makes me crazy, because I am forty (summting) years old.

I have a few decisions that I am trying to make, and I will write about it in the near future. I am just not ready right now.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Did I Miss That Meeting?

I was home yesterday, and watched the Ty.ra Show. The topic? Tyra went undercover as a stripper. But before she did that they had some guys on the show that frequented the Strippah Clubs. LOL

One guy admitted that he was going too often. I think it was about 5 times a week, so he and his girlfriend had broken up because of it. Of course, Tyra asked him the standard questions. Why? (He said it was an ego boost. He weighed about 300 lbs, he had lost a lot of weight. Tyra didn’t congratulate him on losing all the weight.) The question of the day that had me wondering if I am missing one of the female hormones and the audience’s reaction to his answer.

QUESTION: “Did you ever fantasize about a stripper when you were with your girlfriend?’

ANSWER: “Yes, I did.”
Audience reaction was the collective breath. Not the customary fireworks “oooh”; but the Gasp, like everyone in the audience thought it was terrible.

Was there some meeting on rules for females that I missed? Is it a bad thing to fantasize about someone else during sex? Are there rules for ladies that I didn’t get? I mean the entire audience (all women that I could see) acted appalled. I was well--confused. Certainly, anything can be taken to an extreme. Yes, if you have to fantasize about someone else every time you are with your girlfriend/boyfriend etc. that could be a problem. But I think their reaction was just crazy.

They then cut to Tyra with a make up artist, the kind they use for movies, and gave her a different nose, eyes etc. It showed her getting interviewed & picture taken for the job. She was asking guys questions, while someone gave them a lap dance. She was being a good undercover report asking poignant questions. OOOKAAAY

Then back to the stage with the audience. Now some of the guys that had been at the club were on the stage, and their girlfriends/wives were there too. I think one of the women said she wondered what was wrong with her if he had to go. Then there was the couple that were girlfriend/boyfriend in a fairly new relationship, and she was a stripper. Guess what. She had a problem with her boyfriend going to the stripper club too. When asked why she had a problem, she said that he when he went he wasn’t making money like she was at the club, and she knew what went on at the clubs.

I really have to say I think that particular show made many of the women look a little stupid (the one’s in the relationships as girlfriends or wives.)

Of course she interviewed some of the strippers, as well. And at the last minute Ty.ra couldn’t go out on stage to strip. She left the club…For those of you (guys) worried that you may have missed something. LOL

I don’t think I would want to go with my man to the strip club. (One of the strippers on the show said that some of her regular customers were couples.) But I am not appalled at the idea of a bachelor party, or him just hanging with the guys at the strip club.

Am I unusual? Do most women have a problem with their husband/boyfriend going to strip clubs? I know that anything can be done in excess, but I think if you are secure with yourself & your relationship that it is ok. Am I being too naïve? Of course, I am not in a relationship right now. But even when I was in a relationship, I didn’t think anything was wrong with it.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Finally my post about last weekend!

I am sorry it took me so long to get back here. But the good news is that I had some personal paperwork to do, and I got 2/3 of it done.

I was in Houston last weekend for the Essence Festival. I must say there is no place like New Orleans for that event. I think one of my friends heard Steve Harvey talk bad about Houston too. He made comments while he was on stage. Or at least the statements I caught anyway were funny. That was problem #1 at the concerts. The sound was bad very bad. I guess by the 3rd night they finally got better with it.

I have to say that I didn’t have to hear anything that L.L. Cool J said…Just seeing him was enough for me. Licking his lips, his torn shirt, and the bottles of that he poured on himself. Ohh give me a minute, it suddenly got hot in here. LOL Earth, Wind & FIRE was great…at least what I could hear, I think part of it was the audience. But they gave a wonderful show. Or at least Verdine was all over the stage. He has more energy than the energizer bunny. I can’t say much about Yolanda Adams or Mary J Blige, because since the sound was so bad. I kind of tuned them out. The other problem in Houston was that the lounges weren’t as accessible as they are in the Super Dome. That sums up the Saturday concerts.

The next night was Sunday, July 2, 2006; well Chris Brown was a no show, but I was late, so it didn’t bother me too much. Jaheim was ok, but since the sound was no good, and he just sang, he didn’t have a stage presence so I think I tuned out again. (No Verdine energy) ha-ha. Jaime Foxx was good, and at least he acknowledged & apologized for the bad sound. New Edition was great and Bobby Brown was too even with the information about his & Whitney’s sex life, he went over his time, so they turned his mike off in the middle of ”My Prerogative” oh the pain. However, I was so drained from having to strain to understand, I couldn’t stay for the “Pioneers of Hip-Hop” sorry, just couldn’t do it.

The last night many of the sound problems were gone. Sorry guys, I didn’t watch Toni Braxton, although I could see on the screens that she did a few changes of clothes & went to pretty skimpny.  I went to the Lounge acts and caught Musiq. He was great! I don’t think you mess up the sound too much in the Lounges. Charlie Wilson did well with out the Gap band. And you can not close out an Essence Festival without “Frankie Beverly & Maze” all the pain of the previous nights was washed away! They were great, and the only thing that I had to get used to was Frankie in red. I am so used to seeing him in all white. He is old enough to be my father, but he looks GOOD! Really, I don’t usually say that about men that are 55+ years old.

It is good to be back home. “Hasta luego!”

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My first meme

Thanks to a very interesting blog that I read. I found a meme that I want to post Thank you Slump Facade

1) What is the first priority when purchasing a shoe, looks or comfort?
It depends on the occasion.
Looks if I am going out
Comfort if I will be doing a lot of walking

2) What is the most you would pay for a “dress stiletto”?
Hmm, I guess about $100

3) Which type of shoes do you own more of, “one-hour wears” or “all day wears”?
all day wears

4) What is more important when purchasing a shoe, designer or look?

5) Shoe preference, “high heel”, “wedge heel”, “short heel” or “flats”?
Once again that depends on the occasion, but for dressing up; I have to say high heel

6) What is the most important piece of your wardrobe, “shoes”, “hat” or “handbag”?
Shoes, Shoes, Shoes, I really don’t do hats, and handbags I don’t buy very often

7) Do you associate “cost” of shoe with quality?
Yes, certainly with many designers you pay for the name, but you will pay more for quality materials.

8) Is your dress style defined by shoes or clothes? If shoes, how do your shoes enhance your “look”, “attitude”, or “personality”?
My style is defined by how well both clothes & shoes go together. I have bought a pair of shoes, and then found the clothes to match.

9) If you only had $50, which would you chose to purchase, dinner or a pedicure?
Definitely dinner, I must have the energy to walk/perform in the stiletto.

10) How frequent are your pedicures, per month?
Spring/summer at least 2x; more if I have a special event

11) How often do you get foot massages?
Not very often, I usually do the inexpensive pedicures, and I am not dating any one right now. 

12) Is having someone paint your toes sexy, why? Also, would you pay to have it done, if so, how much?
I have only had one boyfriend to do it for me, and yes it was very sexy, because he really enjoyed painting my toes. Yes, I pay for pedicures, but no I wouldn’t pay for it to be a sexual encounter.

13) How important is the beautification of your feet to your overall level of confidence?
For my level of confidence I never related it that way, but I don’t feel that my look is complete if my feet aren’t pretty. So if my toes aren’t done, I probably won’t take off my shoes.

14) Do you feel sexier when your feet are made up?

15) Do you wear foot jewelry, ankle bracelets? If so, how often?
I do wear ankle bracelets, almost all the time during the summer.

16) If you could purchase a perfume for your feet, what would be the scent?
Not sure, I wear scented lotions, so vanilla I guess

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July

I thought I would have time to Post before I left town to say that I would be back with info about the Essence Fest in Houston. But of course in my last minutes, I was printing boarding passes fo the plane, & didn't have time for the blog.

I am very tired, so I will update probably tomorrow. I hope you did something fun on "Independence Day".

Monday, June 26, 2006

Movie Monday!

I saw 2 movies this weekend. I will attempt to be a movie critic, so if you haven’t seen these movies I hope I can help you decide if you want to see it.

The Lake House
I am a fan of Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves is ok as well. But I had a hard time with this movie. Maybe because I figured out a major problem beginning with the 1st scene. They are both living in this lake house and they communicate with each other by leaving notes in the mailbox. BUT he is living in 2004 and she is living in 2006 and the dog lives with both of them. I could go on about how they realize that they are living in different years, and their encounters before they start communicating. But you can wait until it comes out on video, really. I give it a “2” on a scale of 1 to 5.

Universal remote (squared)
In this movie Michael Newman (Adam Sandler) is looking for a Universal Remote, because he never uses the right one for what he needs. He turns on the fan when trying to change the channel on the TV. He grabs another remote off the table and opens the garage door. (OK who keeps the garage door opener on the table, and when did those remotes look like anything but a garage door opener?) But I digress. He goes to Bed, Bath & Beyond, Beyond to find the universal remote.

He buys it and realizes that he can pause, fast forward & mute his way through life. Humor is mixed in of course. And Henry Winkler does a great job in the movie as Michael’s dad. The movie has its “ahh haa” moment and has a “message.” I enjoyed it and give it a 4.

So I don't have problems with the unbelievable all the time, and each of these movies have an element of it. Maybe it is more believable when comedy is mixed in it.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Kiss!

It was date number 2. We met for dessert & coffee, more good conversation. That early getting to know each other stage. He was tall (well tall to me), he had big brown eyes that kind of mesmerized me, and skin the color of a piece of caramel.

We left the café walking hand in hand & headed for the nearby park. It was a nice fall evening so everything was picture perfect. Thoughts running through my head of “he is really fun to hang with.” He handed me a piece of gum as we sat on the bench watching the roller bladers, dog walkers, and other people enjoying the park.

He leans in closer to me, oh wow, this is it, that all important 1st kiss. I close my eyes and let my mind wander to that blissful place it goes for a great kiss. Umm wait a minute…the picture is changing…took a pretty sharp right, no make that a complete stop. Suddenly, the commercial pops in my head of the little plaque monsters, and it is clear to me now the dictionary meaning of halitosis pops into my head. Well, as clear as it can be when you are trying not to breathe. This wasn’t just your normal I just ate garlic (it can be brushed away) kind of breath…remember we both had gum.

He later told me I couldn’t kiss. Oh well. We never went out again after that.

Should I have told him about his breath?

Friday, June 16, 2006

It's Summertime!

It's already hot, and the air does not work in my car. I think I was 20 before I realized that cars were made without air conditioning. My thoughts were oh, that's just an option, when I was car shopping. Ok, I hope it is pretty obvious that I group up in the southern part of the U.S. My dad may have been too cheap to get an automatic, or electric windows/locks, but we had Air Conditioning in the car dammit!

So I need to make time to get the car to the mechanic. Because Remnants (me) does not like to sweat for no good reason at all.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

I Held Back

I held back, because I thought you dated someone that I was close to. Also, wasn't sure if I wanted just be be a part of the gang, or not. I knew that if the dynamics of our relationship changed, then so would the circle of friends. I thought I had it all under control, and now I realize that I didn't. Our relationship didn't change because YOU weren't interested in me like that. Wow, now that I know...I really feel stupid, and again lonely, oh so lonely.

Monday, May 29, 2006


If it weren't for the days off from work, I think I would hate holidays. I am beginning to hate them now, because I spend them alone.

In my previous life...I was part of a big family, and there was something going on at someone's house all the time. Barbecue, dinner, or just a gathering of folks.

I hung out for a short while with someone today, but he was really not anyone that I wanted to spend time with. I called a few people on my A-list, but they were all busy...Damn, am I now on that list of people they don't really want to spend time with?

I am so tired of spending time alone. I like to think that my personality is enjoyable, unlike this blog, I really try not to let people know how depressed I am. I know some folks that always complain, and have negative comments. I don't do that.

I actually had a friend of mine say, "Oh, you get depressed? You are so upbeat." But by spending so much time alone now, it is really getting hard to be happy. Even when I do get out, I am by myself, and I don't want to be. True there are offers sometimes to hang out with someone, but should I hang, just to not be lonely?

Yes, I get depressed...and I am finding this one hard to climb out of...Oh, maybe I should run outside and start dancing to the music of the fool in the car with it turned up too loud. Uhh, no, I'll just wipe my tears away and go talk to my dog.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Until the Fog Clears

I guess I was in a thicker fog than I realized. I thought that
after we exchanged phone numbers, maybe we
would talk at least once. Even if it was only to say I made a mistake...I had too many drinks I didn't mean to give you my phone number.

I was mistaken when you asked me questions like you were trying to keep the conversation going. I guess you were talking out loud to yourself. No you were talking to me...You waited for me to respond. I know you did. I should be able to move on.

We have friends in common, so I know you haven't fallen off the face of the earth. I know for a fact that you haven't left town indefinitely to take care of your sick mother. Hell, I know you don't have a sick mother.

I also have to pass your job everyday to get to mine. So of course I think & wonder where you are. I should get over you. But daily you creep into my thoughts.

What is it about you? Maybe it is that long dimple in your left cheek. Maybe it is your dyed hair. Ahh you didn't think I knew, huh. But I do. Maybe it is just the mystery of you.

Ok, so I am in a fog...when will it clear?

Sunday, May 14, 2006


I was out today, Mothers Day, at a festival today. I titled this When, because I have these questions in my head about my people. It seems that the police were there directing traffic & for crowd control.

When did it become ok to wear a halter top with a "non-strapless" bra?
When did it become ok to wear Low rise pants & a high-rise top so the roll of fat that you call your stomach could show?
When did it become ok to wear a short, short skirt in a size 22 when you are a size 26?

I could go on, but I am going to eat, and some of those sights back in my thoughts before I eat, well just weren't very appetizing.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Same Mistakes

I wonder how I can be 40+ and still choose the wrong men, or choose the ones that I am not their 1st choice. I fall pretty hard in the beginning, and the ones that I am the 1st choice for are not the ones I want to be with. Maybe I am crazy…maybe I just don’t learn from my mistakes.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Pieces of Me & Remnants of You

This morning I was mixing my smoked salmon with peppercorns in to my cream cheese with red onions, like I do many mornings when I am off. And suddenly I remembered the 1st time I had it. An “ex” made it for me. Why this particular morning did I think about him, miss him, wonder what he was doing?

I then realized that pieces of me are remnants of so many people that I knew & know now. Not just ex-lovers, but friends as well. It really brought the “in your life for a season” statement to mind. And how hard it is to get “over” some people.