Saturday, September 25, 2010

Old?! Who you calling old?

About this time 23 years ago, I went to sleep thinking that I had a week left to finish preparing for the birth of my 1st child. But at around 5am the next morning I woke up having contractions, and by 10am I was holding a 7 lb 5 oz little boy. Dang! I hadn't even got the car seat out of lay-a-way.

Fortunately for me I was only in labor for about 4 hours. So I never felt like I could really participate in those conversations about child birth. Because mine was so short & easy. They say you forget the pain. But really, there couldn't be much pain in that 4 & a half hours.

Recently, one of my high school friends & I were talking about how old our young adults are. And we laughed about the fact that it seems like we were just 23 a short time ago. My how time flies!

My birthdays come & go & I party like it's 1999 for each one. (Well, not really, but I am a Prince fan.) LOL! But some how his birthdays make me feel a bit of melancholy, much more than my own birthday anyway.

So yeah...Somebody is old, and I guess I'm calling me out. I'm old & my son is half my age now, so maybe he's old too, LOL!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Few things that I Like

I like that I have a dog, because no matter how tired I am I have to walk him. So I get at least a little exercise. Can't ignore that look.

Actually I Love this commercial it makes me laugh every time. Weee! Weee! Little

I just recently ate a Greek Pizza at this place. I know I like Greek Salads, but put it on a pizza & I am in love.

I like my Netflix account. I make use of the online viewing, but I also like watching actual DVD's too.

Just a few things in a quick post.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I saw some kids today playing with one of those little battery operated jeeps. It made me think about this little car. The adult version of those kiddie vehicles. The only difference is this car has a top and well I guess it has an engine LOL. I wonder if there is a warning label inside that says it not for use on the highway. I guess I shouldn't make fun of it, because I'm sure it is much more environmentally friendly than my 14 year old sedan. Although if I'm ever offered this I hope my 2nd choice is a motorcycle, because I'd take the bike instead.

Friday, September 10, 2010

A Week Later My DC Trip

Last week I went to DC again. On this trip I planned to get a SmartTrip card so I could just add money to it whenever I am in town. Unfortunately for me even though I love to quote the line "Reading is fundamental." when it is evident that someone didn't read instructions. I bought the wrong type of card. All of the Metro employees that I had to go to in order to fix MY mistake were very friendly & helpful.

I wanted to tour the area around White House & the Memorials. To do the area justice I probably needed more than a few hours. I walked to the Washington Memorial and sat in the shade, because it was a very hot day. So I really didn't do much but people watch and drink water.

I did buy a few post cards at the store that is at Washington Memorial & mailed them before I left town. I'm just mad that I didn't keep at least 1 of my favorite postcards for myself. I guess I have to go back & get another one.

Arlington Memorial is a stop right before the airport and I took a quick walk around there as well. I just stayed close to the entrance. I guess I need to concentrate on 1 thing on these short day trips. I did find that there is a tour bus that I can get off at various places in that area including Arlington Memorial and then board another tour bus. So maybe if I don't have to walk so much to get to each place I will get to see more.