Tuesday, December 02, 2008

She seems smart otherwise

Sometimes it seems that that women that appear strong in some areas are fools in love.

There is this woman that I work with that will call a person out with their BS. But her live in boyfriend has not worked for almost 2 years. I know the economy & job market are difficult out there, but I know people that have been laid off of different jobs. But they find a new one & work until they get laid off again.

And based on hearing her end of the conversations on the phone, in regard to either applications being filled out or a possible interview, it really sounds like he gives lame excuses. So when I hear her say something like "He didn't really want to do that." And I know it's a company that has good benefits it's hard to keep my eyes from rolling. However, I don't know her as well as other people in the department. She is someone that doesn't take advice.

Also, the other day she was on the phone again with a close friend of hers, and I may be wrong but it sounded like her boyfriend may have gotten someone else pregnant during one of their short break-ups.

He has her car while she is at work, and the more I hear "He wants to go shopping...He thinks such and such" The more annoyed I get. It is her life, but like I said she seems so smart otherwise.

I am no relationship expert, especially since I am not in one right now. But that whole situation just floors me. Rather than gossip about her, I am just waiting to see if I am wrong about someone else being pregnant about her out of work boyfriend.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Miss This

I haven't written in soo long. My excuse was that I had school and studying. However, I am done. I then wanted to "relax" my brain. I occasionally read some blogs, but not all that often. Some of my favorites seem to have taken a break, or quit. And I have been gone so long, that others are password protected, so I feel that maybe I have been gone too long.

So, I am back, and will post at least once a week.