Saturday, September 23, 2006

In Black and White

I think quite often race "colors" our perspectives. And of course I can only speak about my own experiences. I am a black woman (stating the obvious) and even though my elementary school years placed me in predominately white environments in the 70's, I still feel that my views differ from white people. Based on mainly race.

My most recent example happened in school. A small group of students between classes started talking about the high schools they went to. And one of the guys (white) commented on a school, and said "It's a war zone over there." Well, the young man (black) that had gone to the school said, "About 10 years ago when we moved to that area, it was mostly white. Now, the area and the school are predominately black. I don't think it's a war zone, it's just mostly black now"

The funny thing is I had been a party to conversations about that city before, when I was at work, so the people were probably 10 to 20 years older that these students. But the conversation was pretty much the same. The white people/person making an extreme statement about the area being dangerous/a war zone etc. and the black person/people commenting/thinking no, it's just mostly black.

I think it's ironic that no matter what the age, the perception was the same based on race. Although maybe it is a geographical thing. This is the south.

I must admit though even from my "black woman" perspective I chose not to live in that area because I didn't think the schools were academically up to par. I decided to live where I do so my son could go to a school that was diverse, not just racially, but economically as well. However, at the college level, I would love it if he decided to go to an HBCU. Ahh, I guess that will be another post.

But back to black and white. I think about a few conversations that I had were it seems that some of the opinions were along racial lines, as opposed to gender or age. Am I unusual? or does anyone else think the same/differently?


The Gig said...

You and I have a lot of similarities. I went to a predominately white middle school and was the only black in pretty much all of my classes. I would say that at the time, there were about 25 black kids in the whole school. Good post

West said...

I feel you.

In fact, I'm going to post on something somewhat similar in a few minutes.

Remnants of U said...

@ the Gig Wow only 1 of 25, and those middle school years are pretty difficult being different.


@ West...Thanks for stopping by. I checked out your site.