Sunday, July 23, 2006

Jazz in the Summer

The great thing about Atlanta & surrounding area in the summer, is the fact that there is always something going on in the summer time. A fest or festival of some sort. I went to the Dekalb Blues & Jazz Festival. Well, since I went Saturday, I went on the Jazz night of the Festival. It was at an amphitheater in Lithonia. Yes, it was hot, but as the night progressed it got cooler.

There were some local artists that were really good, a local group called Planet Jazz. The headliners were Al.ex Bu.g.non & Mi.chael F.ran.ks. They both gave great performances. Like I said I enjoyed the performances. But I was also entertained by the people around me. It seems that at concerts you can always have conversations with those around you during set changes and what not.

There was the group on the lawn that had tents with a buffet set up. But in the seats around me, there was a couple that was pretty entertaining, well he was. She seemed to be the calming force for him. There was a couple that was in town (from St. Louis) for, but since he had a cooler full of beer, they were cool, and didn't have that holier than thou religious attitude that some people have. There was the drunk woman that was pretty loud.

Couple #1 - where I got most of my non-musical entertainment. He needed ritalin or something, he was yelling at the performers, nothing bad more like terms of encouragement. I think I almost choked on my drink when he said, "Boy am I glad I don't drink alcohol." And someone in the crowd commented, "yeah, so are we." Basically, he was more entertaining than annoying. There was a point that I almost snapped on him though. He was there with another couple, and I know that the man was named Mike, because Mr. Entertainment was calling him. You know like a 5 year old trying to get his mother's attention. But Mike was in the middle of another conversation with his date & the couple from St. Louis.
"Mike. Mike. Mike. Mike. (I am about to snap, like a mother does when the 5year old keeps calling Mommy. Mommy. Mommy.) Fortunately, for him & my sanity. His girlfriend calmly said. "Baby, Mike is talking to someone else right now."

Couple #2 - the couple from St. Louis was very friendly, and just impressed with all the things to do in Atlanta. The things that I tend to forget, because I live here. They went to the King Center, and were impressed with the concert venue. Actually, since it was my first time there I was too. Also, the price was outrageous. $5.00 for lawn seats, and $10.00 on the concrete seats. They were amazed at how affordable it was.

So my goal is for the last few weeks of summer is to enjoy what Atlanta has to offer. The things that I tend to forget about as a resident of the city. I know my writing needs improvement, but hopefully, I can write about my adventures, and you will enjoy reading them.


West said...

re: 'His girlfriend calmly said. "Baby, Mike is talking to someone else right now."'

Bless her soul.

He probably is on meds... which, perhaps, aren't as effective as one might hope.

If he's not, she probably will be.

Anyway, I would've had to say something to him, if she hadn't.

Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself. (Not sure I even knew you were in ATL.)

Remnants of U said...
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Remnants of U said...

@west Ha ha! I didn't think about that, maybe she was medicated already. If he were my boyfriend, I would have needed medication.

Yes, I started out revealing nothing about where I live, but I guess revealing where I am isn't too revealing. Anyone with sitemeter could tell anyway.

Freaky Deaky said...

Damn, I thought Blues & Jazz was more laid back and attracted a more laid back crowd than Mr. Ritalin. Sometimes the audience is as entertaining as what's being watched. He'd fit in great at wrestling matches, I might be a bit annoyed with him at a jazz concert though,lol.

Remnants of U said...

@ Freaky it seems that the laid back section was all the other sections, just not the section that I was in. LOL but I had fun.