Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Life & Death

Both have been on my mind lately. A number of things have happened recently that brings both subjects to light.

About 2 weeks ago one of my long time friends called, and told me that she was on medical leave, because she had a stroke. What?! We are only 42 years old, and I am older by a few months. She is still having various tests done, but she is ok. Of course in our conversations, she mentioned some of the things she had in place for her son. And a family member being upset because they wanted her car...WTF? Ok that will be another post.

However, all of this had me thinking about friends and/or relatives that didn't live to see certain milestones in their life.
  1. My dad, who died shortly after his 50th birthday, but before his grandson was born (my son who just turned 19 yesterday.)
  2. A highschool classmate that died in a car wreck, before our 5th year highschool reunion.
  3. A close friend of mine, his birthday was the day before mine...he died of cancer a few months before he would turn 40.
  4. Another friend of mine lost her sister to breast cancer a few months after we turned 40.
There are others some that I may not remember in this moment.

And I also remember things that have happened to me where I think, "Wow, I lived through that?" All of this makes me think that each day I get I need to be thankful for. Even if that is a day that I failed my math test, or don't quite have the money to pay that bill. I am not going to be happy every single day, but I have to make the most of the days that I have. And fulfill whatever purpose that I have on this earth, even if I am taking a little longer than most to figure out what that is.

Actually as I write this there is a report right now on the news, about a local 15 year old that died after a battle with cancer. They were interviewing children from the middle school he attended.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

In Black and White

I think quite often race "colors" our perspectives. And of course I can only speak about my own experiences. I am a black woman (stating the obvious) and even though my elementary school years placed me in predominately white environments in the 70's, I still feel that my views differ from white people. Based on mainly race.

My most recent example happened in school. A small group of students between classes started talking about the high schools they went to. And one of the guys (white) commented on a school, and said "It's a war zone over there." Well, the young man (black) that had gone to the school said, "About 10 years ago when we moved to that area, it was mostly white. Now, the area and the school are predominately black. I don't think it's a war zone, it's just mostly black now"

The funny thing is I had been a party to conversations about that city before, when I was at work, so the people were probably 10 to 20 years older that these students. But the conversation was pretty much the same. The white people/person making an extreme statement about the area being dangerous/a war zone etc. and the black person/people commenting/thinking no, it's just mostly black.

I think it's ironic that no matter what the age, the perception was the same based on race. Although maybe it is a geographical thing. This is the south.

I must admit though even from my "black woman" perspective I chose not to live in that area because I didn't think the schools were academically up to par. I decided to live where I do so my son could go to a school that was diverse, not just racially, but economically as well. However, at the college level, I would love it if he decided to go to an HBCU. Ahh, I guess that will be another post.

But back to black and white. I think about a few conversations that I had were it seems that some of the opinions were along racial lines, as opposed to gender or age. Am I unusual? or does anyone else think the same/differently?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I am still here! So, I will ramble

I have made it through a few tests. And on 1 test the teacher will throw out our lowest grade ok...yes, I have used it. :-)

My car is running fine, but one rainy morning one of my wind shield wipers went out. Yes, I said 1, the other one kept going, but of course the 1 that broke was...yes the driver side wiper. Not while I was on a street close to the house, but once I was on the highway, with trucks splashing water on my windshield. It is fixed now, apparently something was loose.

As a parent, I enjoy making my son happy. But did he really have to laugh so hard...and long the other day when he found some pictures of me from my high school days. Yes, it was the 80's, but those big glasses were in style...really. Hmm, 2026 should be interesting. I will pull out the photo album for his girl friend/wife/kids...somebody...and entertain them 20 years from now. LOL

I had so many things in my head earlier that I wanted to type...but I am tired.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thursday Ramblings

I think I am on the computer more hours during the day, now than I was when I was working. But I am happier, less stressed (for the most part) . Or at least stressed but happier about this stress than I was at my job. Did I just say happier 2 sentences in a row? Ha! I guess some of my former co-workers would say I was rubbing it, just stating a fact. In a much happier way. LOL

My son ran out of gas last night, on the highway. Guess who had to get the gas can and go find his Ass...yeah, me. I just don't understand...must I ask him daily "Did you go to the gas station?" I know, maybe if I didn't go save him...but it was the highway, with trucks whizzing by. Ahh, maybe I should make him pay for the upgrade on our Triple A membership...because he has already used his limit of 3. Great idea if I must say so myself...He will be paying for the upgrade.

I really have more to ramble about, but this was a study break, and I have a few problems to finish before the 11pm deadline.

Don't leave me...I will try to post more often, and more interesting stuff. :-)