Thursday, January 28, 2010

Double Time

I am not the most organized person. Ok I am far from "most" organized. I need to work on organization, mainly here at home. Probably should be working on it now instead of blogging.

I like to find shortcuts to make my job easier. I don't want to cut corners, but I want to use the tools that I have to make my job efficient. If we use an application/software and it provides the information needed for a report, then use that tool & extract the info. You want me to type A, B & C 5 times in 5 different places because you can't flip to page 3. Ohhh!

So I have to set up some templates & a few queries, and present them to an inept person.

I could really draw this rant out...but I have to go pick up my son from work.

Fortunately our cars are on different schedules. Now mine is fixed & his is having issues so we have 1 working car between the 2 of us.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Keeping Current

I try to watch the news and or read news online. But if I am going to NOT be depressed, I am going to have to avoid both.

Everything on the news is showing the devastation in Haiti, which is so depressing to me. I think the fact that so many people are willing to contribute & donate is great. But hearing about people not know if family member are alive, or hearing that they just found out all or most of their family died. Makes me so sad.

So I read the local news and I read about 2 boys that have recently died. The 1st one was I think 12 years old. He died climbing into his bunkbed. How? A stray bullet from some idiots outside shooting. The other one was 18 years old and his mother is waiting for an autopsy; he apparently died in his sleep. But I always get sad when I hear that a child has died. I know 18 years old I wouldn't call him a child to his face, but he is younger than my son...To me he's a child.

I am thankful for my life & today before I read the sad news...I spent a quiet day with my son & his roommate. We watched a DVD & I beat them in dominoes. LOL! OK I ended on a positive note. AND I ate spinach today...Vegetables...sticking with one of my 2010 goals.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Let's Do It Again, Randomness

I didn't make any resolutions for 2010. But I have a list in my head of somethings that I must do, regarding health, career & finances. I do have to get serious & buckle down. I must get back into study mode, because I need to work towards getting certifications to advance in my career.

Wow, those Saints are whipping the Cardinals.

I need to eat more fresh vegetables, but I always seem to let something go bad. Avocados for instance...I love them. It seems they are always not ripe enough when I am ready to eat them & I forget for a few days...then I have an over ripe mess.

My landlord annoys me so much. She always tells me at the last minute when maintenance/exterminator is coming. Well at least today I had about 8 hours notice. She's getting better. I live in a duplex so I have one neighbor that has the same landlord and they can't stand each other. Both of them can't wait until the lease is over in maybe March. I don't think my landlord realizes that I can't wait for my lease to be over too. I smile in her I a backstabber? Umm I don't want the next 7 months to be totally miserable. I can see her making it unbearable if she realized that I don't like her. So I just play nice for now & smile.

I guess my random blog wouldn't be normal if I didn't have a comment about my dog. Not sure why he's started taking a few pieces of food out of his bowl to the carpet to eat. Then he leaves them there. Yeah he's an odd D-O-G.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

It's 2010, y'all!

I was talking to a friend that I've known since elementary school, and when we were little if you had mentioned this year...We imagined that we would be living like the Jetsons. Yep, flying cars and all. Oh, how I could use a Rosie in my life. (That was the robot maid's name wasn't it.)

I didn't make any resolutions. I just have a list of a few things in my head that I must do, and a few things that I am going to try to do better. I know that is the easy way out. But I have to do what works for me.

I am working on a vision board...Well, it's on my laptop, because I do look at that more than anything, it's going to be my background. So once I get it together, then maybe I will do a traditional one.

Wouldn't you know, I start the year off with a rather random post. Ahh, that's me Random Remnants. And I guess I am going to end it with a bit of a rant.

My neighbors have 2 outside dogs, that are chained to their dog houses in the back yard. I feel bad for them, but I assume they have always been outside dogs. They get loose once in awhile, but they seem to stay close even if they are on the outside of the fence. At some point they got a little poodle mix. It seemed to be the pet for their little girl, I guess she's about 10 years old. I call it the yappy dog, because it always barks. Well, they are at a point where it seems the novelty has worn off & yappy is outside in the yard more often than inside it seems. In this frigid weather, so I am beginning to feel sorry for the dog. But my blood is boiling, because I have seen the little girl outside walking, playing with a little black fluffy puppy.

OK things don't always work out as planned. Maybe the poodle wasn't the best fit for them. Maybe the 10 year old isn't old enough to really be responsible for a dog. Maybe they are too busy to housetrain, take time for a dog. But please, find another home for the dog that didn't work out. And wait until you can take care of another dog properly. Because when the cute little fuzzy black puppy isn't a puppy anymore what happens? Four dog houses with dogs outside? I think our summers are too hot for some dogs to be outside chained up & at the moment it's too cold for them to be chained outside too.

Well, one of my try to do better for 2010 plans is to eat more vegetables...So let me go check on my red beans... I wonder how long my diet plans will last?