Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Kill that freakin' bird!

It's not what you think. So P.E.T.A. doesn't have to start a picket line outside in my yard. I am still a dog lover. Yes, Shaggy is laying by the door looking at me as if to say "What is this dog creature that you keep talking about?" LOL

I was in the restaurant, and I use the term loosely. For those of you familiar with Georgia, it's on every corner, open 24 hours, and has House in the name. ;-) I like to go in the morning, and listen to the conversations between the waitresses & the regulars. Mr. Floyd was the man of the hour that morning. He looked to be about 70, and all the waitresses seemed to know him.

Oh, yes, back to the bird.

I am talking about the annoying chirp from the cell phone. Why does it have to chirp between each part of the conversation? Example: Guy at counter.
"Hey! Where are you?" (Annoying chirp)
"Wauwau, wau wau, wau." (that's the adult speak from Charlie Brown, 'cause I couldn't understand what the other person was saying.)
(Annoying chirp) Guy at counter. "Yeah." (Annoying chirp)
Wauwau, wau wau, wau." (Annoying chirp)
Guy at counter. "uhh, huh." (Annoying chirp)
Wauwau, wau wau, wau." (Annoying chirp)
Guy at counter. "uhh, huh." (Annoying chirp)
and so on.

I was ready to jump up from my seat, stab his hand with my fork, snatch the phone from him, throw it on the floor, and stomp it. And then sit back down and finish my grits, cheese eggs, and raisin toast. :-) Fortunately for him his to go order came out.

Why does it have to chirp between each part of the conversation? If there is a response within 10-15 seconds there should not be a chirp. I don't know maybe it's just me. Maybe other people like that noise.


West said...

I'm not familiar with that chirp.

It sounds, to me, like this response was in-order.

Freaky Deaky said...

I find it somewhat rude, annoying, and a blatant cry for attention when people use speaker phones or PTT in public.

I think the chirp either signifies when one party is done talking or when the other party is about to speak. It's one of them.

I was going to come by your place for Halloween dressed as a cell phone and chirp before I talked or whenever I said something dirty. Guess that would ruin the fun for you, huh? ;o)

Whenever I hear one of those clowns chirping I always want to ask them why. If who they were talking to or the subject matter was important then why on Earth would you want any and everybody listening? Since it obviously isn't that important why don't you put it to your ear or wear an earphone like everyone who isn't rude or annoying does?

Remnants of U said...

@ West You are oh so lucky if you havent' heard that noise. There is a song about it too. When I clicked the took me to a list of things so I didn't know what I should be listening to.

@ Freaky I dare ya to to come over wearing the cell phone costume. I double dare ya. Ha-ha! Maybe we could work through my disdain of those things. LOL

West said...

Oh, it's speakerphone thing? That sucks.

These people amaze me. Using a speakerphone (loudly) indoors is generally rude. You've gotta have a DAMNED good reason to broadcast like that. I doubt that was true of the folks I've seen and heard doing this.

The straight-forward person that I am is strongly tempted to tell them how rude the behavior is, but sometimes something seems so obvious that you feel like anyone who doesn't already know, won't understand it even if you explain.

nikki said...

you had my favorite dish at 'da house'...

did he have a nextel phone or something? i mean, it sounds like he had some kind of walkie-talkie. i've never heard a phone make that kind of noise.

Freaky Deaky said...

(Annoying chirp) I think you just want to push my buttons and play with my antenna. LOL!

Scratchie said...

We are so phone happy here and I've never heard the chirps of which you wrote. Must be quite annoying though. Almost as bad as somebody chatting on the phone at the top of your voice in public.