Thursday, May 07, 2009

Maybe its the rain

It seems like the day I wake up not feeling certain aspects of my job is the day that I get to work & everything is broke, no really stuff ain't working...I have a funky e-mail from my supervisor, and if he had read/addressed the e-mail I sent a few days before then funky would not have been necessary. I make a phone call to some one in another department; introduce myself & get "What are you calling me for?" The statement itself wasn't bad, but it was HOW he said it. Breathe count to 5...

I still have over 4 long hours to go...Can I do it without strangling someone?

Friday, May 01, 2009

Random Friday

Who's smarter me or my dog or my last boyfriend?
When I put my running shoes on my dog gets excited, because he equates that with going somewhere, walk, car ride to possibly walk somewhere new etc. I was going to do some yardwork so I put the running shoes on in the bathroom (out of D-O-G's view). Then I went into the garage & opened the car door to get my sunglasses and he jumped in ready to go. (He doesn't jump in the car everytime I open the door.)

Did he notice the shoes? Hmm, if so he was more observant than my last boyfriend...Sooo, I took him for a short ride. Back window down just enough for him to stick his head out...He was a happy dog, he did look at me funny when I pulled back into the garage. Hey it was a 10 minute drive. I needed to get my yard done before it starts to rain.

I still didn't answer the question, maybe the D-O-G is smarter than both humans.