Monday, September 03, 2012

Ice Cream and Other Ramblings

This evening I decided to take advantage of the 1/2 priced milk shakes at a certain drive through.  I bought a caramel milk shake, and took a sip when I put the straw in the cup before driving home. So now this clip is running through my head. Because at about 3:02 in the video that was me.

Yep, dropped it as I was getting out of the car, and the bottom broke on the I couldn't salvage any of it.  I guess I wasn't supposed to have a shake today.  *wipes away tears*

On a brighter note I bought a car. I've had it a few weeks now.  So long enough that I'm not looking for the red sedan any more, but not long enough that I drive up to the gas pump on the correct side.

I think the D-O-G is more popular with my neighbors that I am.  I get the "Hi how are you doing?" He gets the "OH! it's the D-O-G!" And he so loves the attention.

My son has yet to come to visit Dallas...I may go to ATL later this week.

I better get some sleep...I need to get up on time for work tomorrow.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Overdue Rambling

Why do I say "I'll be back!" before I walk out the door? It's just me & the D-O-G, he has yet to say ok. LOL!

My son is back from deployment and happens to be in Texas!  I'm a happy mom! Taking a day trip to see him tomorrow.

I had a conversation with my neighbor, and they were having Hawaiian Day at her job so she was going to wear a tropical sundress. She said the guys had to wear Hawaiian shirts.  I work in a casual IT environment on a normal day 4 to 5 guys are wearing Hawaiian shirts & shorts.

I'm still getting lost, but it seems that some highways are always under construction. So the exits are never where my GPS thinks they are or the whole road has shifted from the last time I was on it. I get so confused!

Well, good night I have to get up early for my trip tomorrow.

Friday, May 04, 2012

So Much for not Procrastinating

Here it is 4 months later & I kept putting off blogging.  So many stories have been in my head, but never made it here...I guess I have to do that part. :-)

I've started a new hobby (jewelry making)...and have registered for a basics class next week.  I've made a few earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Mostly I'm making it for myself, but I've given away some as birthday gifts.  I still have to learn more about the wire thickness that is best to use & standard lengths and techniques. So I'll probably have some pictures and a give a way soon.

This move to Texas is working out for me. I was very content in Georgia, and didn't have any desire to move back here. It's funny how life happens. Three years ago I said NEVER and here I am. I do miss Atlanta.

It's time to walk the D-O-G.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's Official I'm a Texan

Today I got my Texas car tags & Texas drivers' license. Really overdue according to both states' laws.  Thank goodness I didn't get stopped by police for anything. That could have been a very expensive ticket or my 1st time in jail.

I spent about 3 hours waiting to get my license. The car tags were quick (no lines). So I had a lot of time to think. This is what I realized. The Dept of Motor Vehicles is an identity thief's prime place to score. I tend to carry a lot of stuff in my purse, but never my social security card, Passport, lease, car title all at the same time.....I mean just about every important piece of information  I have.  So needless to say...I came straight home to put all that info back in a safe place. I didn't stop to shop.

Besides thinking about my paperwork being stolen. I would have really died of boredom without Twitter/Facebook/texting.

And to top off my waiting until the last minute for things. I have to use my medical spending account money, so I have an eye appt tomorrow & will get new glasses. If only I knew where my glasses prescription was, I would be able to just go buy the glasses.

So starting next year, I'll stop procrastinating. LOL!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm Still Here

I'm going to ramble...
There are only 5 days until Christmas, and I have so much that I still need to do. 
Today I found a Facebook page that highlights my son's unit while he is deployed. He is even in a video on it. Yay! 
I dropped my phone & broke the screen...Boy did I feel lost without it while it was at the repair shop. 
No, really, really lost..I use my GPS on the phone all the time. I'm still learning my way around my new home city.
Must go get another pair of glasses...I have $ left on my medical spending account. Why do I wait until the last possible moment to use it? 
This is short, but I need to make a list for tomorrow so that I don't forget anything. I'm going to check it twice!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Snitches get, WHAT?!

I remember when I was younger the post office always had pictures of the FBI's most wanted list. I don't see those anymore, but then again I don't really go to the Post Office much. Although I should be going more often, since my son is deployed. Today the news reported some woman that had turned in a big criminal (I never catch the whole story.) And I immediately thought about witness protection. OK fine, I watch too much TV. But then I heard that her reward was $2,000,000.00. Umm, so the real snitch here is the news for putting her name & picture for all to see, including those that might not want that Most wanted guy to go to prison. Then I started wishing I could recognize someone worth that much money, and anonymously turn them in. The key word being anonymous. Oh look I spelled it right 2 times. *hits spell check*

Friday, September 30, 2011

Oh So Random

The state fair started today, and since I live in TX I must go. But the tickets are pricey, considering that once I get in, I have to pay for the stuff inside. Maybe I'll get the season pass, if I go more than once it pays for itself, plus I can take someone else one time.

I left work late today...late enough to get caught up in the just sitting in traffic kind of traffic. I took an exit that has a toll...I think it can be as much as 60 cents. I need to get one of those toll cards, I think it ends up being cheaper in some way.

My son was deployed & left the states the same week I was moving. I haven't heard his voice in about 3 weeks. I kind of have to avoid the news. There have been a few reports of bombs & such.

Ohh the Prairie View & Grambling game is this weekend, but I'm going to a dinner with friends at about the same time as the game. Oh well, maybe next year.

This was rambling...But I have to run, I'm supposed to meet my cousin, and she is 1 stop light away.