Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day!

I watched the ceremony today with my son that is home visiting from overseas. I do wish I could have been there in DC witnessing the ceremony in person, but I hate cold weather. So being at home with the heat on makes me happy, too. And when I didn't particularly like the view etc. I just changed the channel.

One of the more memorable moments while we watched it was when they mentioned that President Obama (ooh President that sounds soo good) is the Commander in Chief, I turned to my son and asked, "Wow how does it feel to have a black Commander in Chief?" We both smiled & laughed. I also thought about the fact that my father joined the Army when it was still segregated, and wonder what he would have thought if he were alive today. For me today it was exciting & bittersweet to think about those that didn't get to live to see this day.

Any comments about what this day means to you, or your friends & family?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Conversations with my Toaster

Now that my son is away, it is just me and the Dee Oh Gee. Aww what the heck, I was talking to Dee Oh Gee even before my son left. He is a very good listener though.

Even though he is 4 yrs old, he is still quite a hyper dog. When I let him out and he is ready to come in he jumps on the door & I herar is paws hit the door. Many times I yell to him..."I'll get you in a minute Dee Oh Gee!" And then he waits about a minute & jumps & hits the door again. Although this particular time when I looked outside he wasn't near the door he was at the end of the yard near the tree.

Oh, that sound....wow...I guess that was my piece of toast popping out of the toaster. It does sound like his claws on the door. Hmm am I crazy if I talk to inanimate objects in the house? Ahh, don't answer that ;-)