Monday, August 30, 2010

Randomly Random - That's me!

There is this new guy at work that talks in 3rd person. I had read some e-mails from him, ok sometimes keeping up in writing is difficult so I can see typing your name. But when we are having a is soo distracting. I couldn't look at my other co-worker, because then I would have lost it & laughed out loud. She had a smirk on her face...We had talked about it but I witnessed it today.

We'll call him Bob. He walks in the office, me "Hi, how can I help you?" Him, "Bob needs to needs to know who handles Project Y. So I looked it up and directed Bob to said project manager." I guess if I see him tomorrow, I'll great him with "How is Bob today?" Hey, I'll refer to him the way he prefers. 'Cuz when he comes through shooting...Hopefully, he'll remember I was nice to him. (I just hope he hasn't heard me laughing at his crazy a$$ with my co-workers.)

I went to see the "Expendables" on Wednesday. I kept wondering why Sylvester Stalone did his own stunts. I think once you've been an actor that long, oh well, what I think doesn't matter. I guess he needed the adrenaline rush. The movie was pretty good, although, I kept thinking of it as the geriatric action move. I think Jet Li's character was my favorite. And then on the way home I stopped by the Atlanta premier of "Takers" to stand outside & gawk at the people that had passes to go see it. Didn't really see any of the actors from the movie, but I saw a convertible Bentley...which was exciting to me.

Then on Friday, I went to see Takers. I really enjoyed the movie. Even if Edris wasn't shirtless/pantless in a scene. Really, I would still think it was a great movie! I just didn't realize that so many other people were off on Fridays before noon. Yeah, I like to go when it is really cheap.

I have to plan another day trip, just not sure where. Well, I guess I better go do some research!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Thursday Day Trip

Well, I did another Quick Trip, and no it wasn't a ride on MARTA to Buckhead. I have wanted to eat a chili half smoke from a well known DC landmark (<-- see link) for quite some time. And I planned my trip around eating there. Everything else was secondary. Oh, so that-- is near there-- ok maybe I'll go there. (<--How I thought it out in my head & when printing directions from google.)

I took the yellow line train to the U street Metro station from Reagan National Airport. It's a straight shot. The fare after 9:30a.m. was only $1.60 and the return trip would have been about $1.95 since it was going to be after 3pm. I got a Day pass, which is $9.00, and I got my $ worth.

One of the secondary places that I included in my planning was the African American Civil War Museum, because it is also a few steps away from the U Street Metro Station. I went to school in Texas, so I never got that history lesson. The museum is in a small space, but the presentation by the Curator made the museum experience more memorable than my meal. Except for that moment that I was sitting there thinking, OMG I might have to trip over 2 rows of college freshmen to get to the restroom. Uh oh, I don't KNOW where the restroom is. Just breath...Whew, emergency diverted. That's what I get for eating a chili sausage before 11am.

I stayed in the U Street Historic District, and followed part of the African American Heritage trail that includes buildings in that district. Just walking in the area, seeing a black owned businesses that have been in business for 40 to 50 years was interesting and heartwarming for me. I also spent some time at the Thurgood Marshall Center/12th Street Y this YMCA is where our first black Justice met with other lawyers when planning the landmark desegregation case. My trip may have been boring to some, but even though history was not my favorite subject when I was in school. This trip was so interesting that I will probably go back to DC & take some of the other self guided tours on this trail. I have the booklet for planning with maps of each area. Actually, DC has so much history African American and otherwise, so day trips don't provide enough time to see much. But I'll do what I can do.

On the plane home, I happened to be seated next to a man that said when he was in high school he used to go to Ben's for chili dogs before it was famous. He said it was just a hang out for black teens. And he to kind of gave me a little history about DC that isn't at one of the monuments. So even the "middle seat" flight was interesting. I really hate middle seats. LOL

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Remnants Randoms

The last 2 Thursdays I have taken the train into Buckhead to go to the movies at the theater that is like a restaurant. The movies are only $6.00 during the week, and what I pay for popcorn a drink & or candy is about the same for a meal today I had quesadillas & a drink. I just realized that I can park for free, so maybe next time I might drive.

Last week I got there early, so I decided to walk to some stores across the street. Ohh boy was it hot. I am not planning on buying any furniture, but the furniture store was the best place to cool off. You know air conditioning & all the chairs & couches to "test." It was on the way to the other store so I stopped there. This time I just went to the theater. I like summer more than winter, but I don't like this heat. Yeah, it doesn't make sense, oh well.

I was going to do a day trip specifically for food, but I woke up late. It worked out for the best, maybe next week.

I actually made it to the Wed Wind Down yesterday. I guess when there is an event at Phillips the parking prices really get crazy. The lot that I used to park at was charging $15; so my co-worker that I was supposed to meet decided against the concert. I drove around and found something cheaper, but I couldn't tell her the street names so she went back home.

The concert was fun, and the people watching was entertaining. I guess just because you need a cane to walk, doesn't mean you need it to dance. Well at least the man that won the dance contest was able to dance without his cane. LOL! I guess I'm not brave enough to just take pictures of people wearing crazy stuff, or even sneak a picture of someone's picnic spread.

I also forgot that the park has the water that shoots out of the ground. Of course I don't have any kids to take there but it's free water fun.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Tourist in ATL

What's that?! Yes, I know I live in Atlanta, but sometimes looking at your hometown like a tourist is a good thing. Haven't you ever had visitors and then suddenly hit all the at home attractions in a few days? And or realized that it has been years since you even drove past some venues.

Some I think are overpriced, but now with the internet it's easier to find bargains. Join them on Twitter or Facebook. If you don't want all their info in your timeline, open a Twitter account specifically for planning your trip & then join those pages. Then you can log in periodically to see when they have specials. Regarding your hometown & or somewhere you plan to travel, the attractions that are year round might have a cheaper fee during non-standard tourist times to attract locals. Some of our museums & the aquarium have happy hours and or music to lure you in and the prices vary. Knowing when those discount times are might allow you to visit more places. Or if it's where you live then you can do something out of the ordinary. An annual membership might be the thing for you, because the attractions have special events that are free to members.

Back to your regularly scheduled program. If you find yourself in Atlanta on a Wednesday evening between now and the end of September there is a free concert at Centennial Park. Wednesday Wind Down each week there are different artists that perform. It's an outdoor concert that is a wonderful way to get together with a group of friends with a cooler and a basket of food with music. Or if you like people watching going alone to listen to the music is great too.

The park is easy to get to from our Five Points Marta Station or if you drive there is parking close by (just some of the prices are much more than $4 RT train fare). Some Wednesdays are more crowded than others. The regulars that attend get to the park early so they can get a seat right in front of the stage. And of course it also depends on who is performing. But I've found that sitting outside of the amphitheater in the park allows you to spread out more and still enjoy the music.

Also, if you really plan on playing tourist the other venues near the park are the Georgia Aquarium, the World of Coca-Cola, and Georgia World Congress Center for someone attending a convention. Or if you work in the area remember Tuesdays & Thursdays there is Music @ Noon. Ahh so many things to do, so little time. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Random Thoughts

Cock-a-doodle doo?!

I've discovered in my pseudo exercise (actual walk the dog) morning treks that someone has a rooster in their yard. I haven't seen him, just heard him. The first time I heard it, I though I was wrong, that maybe it was a small dog. But a few days later he just kept it up, and I realized it wasn't a mistake there was really a rooster crowing. He must be a suburban rooster, because he made more noise later in the morning than the day I passed the house early. Surely a country rooster would be crowing as the sun comes up, but I've never lived in the country.


I definitely prefer Spring/Summer over Winter, but this heat just drains the life out of me. I must be comfy with air conditioning. I have skipped a few events, because of the heat. I know I complained about the cold in the winter and now the heat. Must the weather be soo extreme?

Love Life

Sometimes I think I miss being in a serious relationship. But just recently I discovered that I just don't feel like putting the effort into sharing my time. Nice guy had fun with him, but I'm not in relationship mode right now. Maybe it's a phase. I'm sure he thinks the answer to a question he asked me is "because she's a bitch" LOL Oh, the question "Why is a pretty lady like you single?" Yeah whatever, I know that's a line. I think the last time he called me I was kind of rude. But he had called me left a message & then called back less than an hour later. Give me a chance to return the call please.