Thursday, August 31, 2006


The new word for the day, at least for those of you that may not have had any sales training. What's In It For Me? I am not sure if that is the right title today, but basically I am annoyed by people that want something for nothing.

We all know that the person on the corner with the sign that says "Will work for food" intends just gather what ever money people are willing to give through their car windows. I think at least they are offering Something.

It seems that lately I have more people knocking on my door or even my friend's homes with buckets asking for money. And I get so annoyed, especially when people do it in the name of a church. No, I haven't slammed the door in any body's face, and yes, I have given a few dollars.
But it does make me mad sometimes that people will do this in the name of a church, and offer nothing, not even an invitation for me to join you on Sunday to get a message. What is that about?

What's in it for me? Offer something, baked goods, to wash my car, a bible verse even. But don't just knock on my door, or come up to my car when I am at the light. Yes, call me Scrooge, but I even hate to see the little league team with their helments out taking money at the light. I feel like the parents or coaches are not teaching the children that one has to work for what they get. And the result of that is the so called minister that was at my door with a bucket asking for money. I don't know where his church is, or what time the services are, and he never offered to tell me.

The one that concerned me the most was just yesterday. When I was at my friend's house getting tutored for my dreaded math class. Her doorbell rang, and when she answered it there was a little girl at the door asking for money for a school trip. Not selling anything. The reason I was concerned is because when I got whatever the PTA was selling that particular year while my son was in school. They always cautioned us about door to door sales to people that you don't know. Because so many childrened get harmed by people these days. I didn't go to the door, so I assume someone was with her. But I think the parents should be beat.


Freaky Deaky said...

[Knocks @ your door.] Hey Remnants, my name is Freaky Deaky and I'm taking collections for the Freaky Deaky Fund, can I have something for nothing, please? I said please.

That's not sales, you're talking about door-to-door begging. If I knew that worked sooner I might've tried it myself. I'm not giving a dime to anyone who comes up to my door unsolicited with a bucket begging for money. If you have the time next time turn the screws and ask a bunch of questions before saying no.

Oh, can I still get something for nothing before I go? ;o)

West said...

A few months ago, I blogged about some kids who approached me and m'lady, as we headed to Blockbbuster Video.

Their lack of apparent sincerity, lack of literature/documentation, poor explanations, and off-putting method of approach (including their tired-ass, I-just-finished-playin-ball-and-thought-I'd-run-a-scam outfits) turned me the hell off.

I told them to keep their distance and to show up with something to back up their (sorry-ass) story, next time, and I might hit'em up.

Yeah, I was wondering about their parents, too.

Remnants of U said...

@ Freaky- What do you want for free Freaky Dear? Your requests must be specific. ;-)

@ West - I guess it doesn't matter where you are the scammers will be there too, all ages included.