Thursday, May 25, 2006

Until the Fog Clears

I guess I was in a thicker fog than I realized. I thought that
after we exchanged phone numbers, maybe we
would talk at least once. Even if it was only to say I made a mistake...I had too many drinks I didn't mean to give you my phone number.

I was mistaken when you asked me questions like you were trying to keep the conversation going. I guess you were talking out loud to yourself. No you were talking to me...You waited for me to respond. I know you did. I should be able to move on.

We have friends in common, so I know you haven't fallen off the face of the earth. I know for a fact that you haven't left town indefinitely to take care of your sick mother. Hell, I know you don't have a sick mother.

I also have to pass your job everyday to get to mine. So of course I think & wonder where you are. I should get over you. But daily you creep into my thoughts.

What is it about you? Maybe it is that long dimple in your left cheek. Maybe it is your dyed hair. Ahh you didn't think I knew, huh. But I do. Maybe it is just the mystery of you.

Ok, so I am in a fog...when will it clear?

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