Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Kiss!

It was date number 2. We met for dessert & coffee, more good conversation. That early getting to know each other stage. He was tall (well tall to me), he had big brown eyes that kind of mesmerized me, and skin the color of a piece of caramel.

We left the cafĂ© walking hand in hand & headed for the nearby park. It was a nice fall evening so everything was picture perfect. Thoughts running through my head of “he is really fun to hang with.” He handed me a piece of gum as we sat on the bench watching the roller bladers, dog walkers, and other people enjoying the park.

He leans in closer to me, oh wow, this is it, that all important 1st kiss. I close my eyes and let my mind wander to that blissful place it goes for a great kiss. Umm wait a minute…the picture is changing…took a pretty sharp right, no make that a complete stop. Suddenly, the commercial pops in my head of the little plaque monsters, and it is clear to me now the dictionary meaning of halitosis pops into my head. Well, as clear as it can be when you are trying not to breathe. This wasn’t just your normal I just ate garlic (it can be brushed away) kind of breath…remember we both had gum.

He later told me I couldn’t kiss. Oh well. We never went out again after that.

Should I have told him about his breath?


West said...


I'd say, "yes," but I don't always practice that particular bit o' preaching.

I once had "relations" with someone whose kitty kat smelled more like kitty litter. I quickly cut things short and, like you, left the person with a negative impression of my skills.

I decided that was preferable to telling her the real deal. In fact, I've ALWAYS found that preferable... unless we had a super-strong relationship.

I guess that, in the case of a kiss, I'd tell the person later, out of the moment, that his/her $#!+ was HUMMIN'.

What he or she does with that information isn't on me. *shrugs*

Remnants of U said...

Ooh, sorry about your kitty litter moment. :-( Thank you for stopping by & commenting. Stop by anytime. :-)