Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Randoms

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Enjoy your family, friends & the feasts. The 3 F's of the holiday this is a time when the F is a good thing. LOL!

I'm not cooking an entire meal this year, but I am making a dish to take to my friend's house. This year I am in charge or the macaroni & cheese. I'll wait until tomorrow morning to make it.

So tonight I am eating leftovers. Do you ever have an odd mix of food left? And in an attempt NOT to throw out good food just eat them together. Well this evening I had & still have a large container of potato soup. (I made it from scratch, pretty yummy..until I eat 4 more meals of it.) My meal was potato soup, greens, cranberry sauce, yeah I know my friend doesn't like that so I opened a can. Oh & I added some Rotel tomatoes to the soup, just because I had some of that left over & decided to spice it up. Whoo hoo that made it very spicey.

Oh, I am a little tired of the people whining about the TSA scans/pat downs. And there is someone that is passing out flyers to people at the ATL airport so that passengers will refuse the full body scan. To demand a pat down instead & cause a back up in the security lines. Really? So that they can miss their flight? Dude you have too much time on your hands.

Well, have a great holiday!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

High Five!

I think the squirrels are sitting somewhere playing Truth or Dare. What else could it be when they run out in the street, but decide to cross back as you get close? They are devious little suckers...My question is what do they do when one of doesn't make it across the street?

I know that they are taunting my dog...frolicking through yards running up the tall pine trees. I just have to remember to wear my sneakers when I take him for a I can plant my feet firmly as he runs to the end of the leash.

Squirrels, it's about to be winter, I hope they hibernate. Because I need a break from those devious little critters. LOL!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veterans Day & Thanks for your Service

This is my military picture. LOL! Well, it was my locker at basic training.

My son and I went to lunch today and took advantage of the free meal for veterans. I pulled out all sorts of papers looking for an old ID card for my proof of service. Soo nobody asked for it. What?! Not even when I went to get my free donut. Now I have to put everything away. I'll put it in the right place. I only hope I remember where that right place is next time I need it.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Weekend Randomness

It's winter in GA today! LOL! No it didn't snow here, I think it snowed in the mountains. At least the sun is out, so I think the temp is above 40 now.

For the last few days I've wanted some red beans & rice. I thought I would quench that desire by going to a certain fast food chicken place. Wrong! Mainly because the serving size was just enough to make me mad. I want what I want when I want it. And that's not something that you can rush and there are somethings that I cook that I know my son will eat when he comes by. Beans are not one of those dishes, so I thought I was saving. Ha! No, the cost of a small side is what a 16 oz bag of beans costs.

So now I am being tortured by the aroma wafting (is that a word?) from the kitchen. I bought the dried beans & soaked them last night...Hours of preparation. Somethings can't be rushed.

I may have to move soon/not so soon. Not sure of the time frame right now. Well that is if I stay at my present place of employment. The uncertainty right now is the killer. I'm not totally opposed to leaving Atlanta, but some of the things I take for granted here...well it just won't be the same in the new city.

I'm soo hungry, let me see what I can snack on while I wait for the real food.