Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Randoms

Have we had the 1st day of summer yet? I know there have already been 100 degree days so it seems like we are deep into summer. And the days are flying by. Maybe it's just me, because I have deadlines & big changes coming in the next few weeks.

I was involved in a competition today. Well indirectly...My car was the bulls eye for the birds that had target practice. Where's the rain when I need it?

Who remembers the basketball tube socks with the stripes around the tops? I do...Because my friend just sent me some pictures of us when we were about 12. Wow those are the biggest kneecaps on the boniest legs I've ever seen. Of course the tube socks highlight those knees. Poor little skinny child (me). Where's the delete key? *Shakes fist at my childhood friend* So glad she is NOT tech savvy and that she refuses to join Facebook, Youtube, etc. I really put the AWK! in awkward at that age.

Happy Fathers Day to you dads out there!

Monday, June 13, 2011

My Weekend Update

I was supposed to leave work early yesterday to attend a book reading, signing & tea. The book is Silver Sparrow and the author Tayari Jones. Wouldn't you know something broke & I had to bring my new director up to speed. So I didn't make it. *wipes big tears from eyes & blows nose*

However, Friday evening I did attend her reading & signing. The event was awesome! I enjoyed hearing her read. (it made the chapter seem more vivid than when I read it) The questions that other readers asked, and hearing Tayari's thoughts & writing process was soo exciting. Sheesh I'm going to miss Atlanta, because I don't see my future home city in her events past or future.

Of course the other thrilling part of the evening for me was that I finally met the very entertaining LadyLee. I might not have read Silver Sparrow or known about Tayari Jones if not for Lee stalking her & "introducing" me to her books. I was also hoping to meet the great Dr./writer/cookie baker extraordinaire. So my Friday evening was wonderful, and a little bittersweet, because Atlanta is a unique city, and it's been my home for almost 20 years now. And I have to move by the end of the summer. Oh & look at the page that was signed for me!