Sunday, August 13, 2006

There is no __________ ?

It was Saturday morning, and I was ready for breakfast. Not your normal breakfast, but a simple one anyway. I open the cabinet push aside the George Foreman grill, oops catch the blender, and yes there it is the toaster. I put it on the counter, plug it in, and grab the bread. Oh, boy this is going to be good. Open the fridge...looking in the door...the top shelf, ahh yes grape jelly. OK I am rolling now.

I open the pantry, it's not on the top shelf, no it isn't behind the crackers. Middle shelf, oh there, no not behind the Spaghetti sauce. Where is it. No, bottom shelf only canned vegetables. Maybe it fell on the floor behind the 20 rolls of paper towels. Nope, I never run out of it, it's one of those must have staples. OK think Remnants there is a teenager in the house. Maybe it's in the cabinet, nope only glasses & cups, ok the other only plates & bowls. Maybe it's no, no, not there don't open the'll get water on the floor.

ALL I WANTED WAS A PEANUTBUTTER & JELLY SANDWICH ON TOAST. Is that too much to ask? I ALWAYS have peanut butter....except when I want it. Dammit!

What ingrediant would have you dismantle your kitchen?


Freaky Deaky said...

Ketchup is one of my elixirs of life. Not having it can put me off of eating something. I'll throw out what I made sometimes if I don't have any ketchup to top it off.

I thought you were going to say you didn't have any bread. Peanut butter, huh? I'm afraid to ask how you used it up, lol. ;o)

West said...

There's this seasoning (which I need to re-order, now that you mention it) I LOVE to put on my food.

It's something a local fast-food place uses on damn-near everything and I fell in-love with it immediately... so much so that I got the employees to get me the name of the manufacturers and got them to sell me some.

Now I've got it in my home AND keep a container of it in my truck to put on my french fries.


I've actually passed on eating stuff simply because I forgot to bring my seasoning with me.

We sometimes refer to it as "West-nip."

Remnants of U said...

@ Freaky - LOL Afraid to ask how I used it up, huh? I am beginning to wonder about that myself.

@ West - Ahh yes one of my friends used to carry hot sauce in her purse. "West-nip" sounds interesting.

West said...

Woman, lemme TELL ya...!

I've put it on french fries, grits, chicken, fish, submarine sandwiches... damn-near anything that'd stand still long enough, basically.

Good thing we don't have a dog.