Thursday, August 31, 2006


The new word for the day, at least for those of you that may not have had any sales training. What's In It For Me? I am not sure if that is the right title today, but basically I am annoyed by people that want something for nothing.

We all know that the person on the corner with the sign that says "Will work for food" intends just gather what ever money people are willing to give through their car windows. I think at least they are offering Something.

It seems that lately I have more people knocking on my door or even my friend's homes with buckets asking for money. And I get so annoyed, especially when people do it in the name of a church. No, I haven't slammed the door in any body's face, and yes, I have given a few dollars.
But it does make me mad sometimes that people will do this in the name of a church, and offer nothing, not even an invitation for me to join you on Sunday to get a message. What is that about?

What's in it for me? Offer something, baked goods, to wash my car, a bible verse even. But don't just knock on my door, or come up to my car when I am at the light. Yes, call me Scrooge, but I even hate to see the little league team with their helments out taking money at the light. I feel like the parents or coaches are not teaching the children that one has to work for what they get. And the result of that is the so called minister that was at my door with a bucket asking for money. I don't know where his church is, or what time the services are, and he never offered to tell me.

The one that concerned me the most was just yesterday. When I was at my friend's house getting tutored for my dreaded math class. Her doorbell rang, and when she answered it there was a little girl at the door asking for money for a school trip. Not selling anything. The reason I was concerned is because when I got whatever the PTA was selling that particular year while my son was in school. They always cautioned us about door to door sales to people that you don't know. Because so many childrened get harmed by people these days. I didn't go to the door, so I assume someone was with her. But I think the parents should be beat.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

This Beta Thing is annoying!

I have tried to log on a few times, and make comments on other blogs today, and this is the 1st time I was successful.

Now that it is so late, I don't have much to say.

Although, I am trying to add iron to my diet to help this old memory of mine. My math class has me confused already, and we are just reviewing some algebra. So call me Popeye, because I am eating spinach, although the brain isn't a muscle, so I don't know if that is a good analogy. LOL

Hmm, maybe after a good night's sleep...I will be a little more coherent.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Old habits are hard to break

I am getting back into the swing of being a student. And am doing pretty good, so far.

Well, there was that episode this morning on the highway. I was driving toward my old job...But once I exited the highway, and went in the right direction all was great, and I still made it to class on time.

Not sure if the bad memory set in this morning, forgot where I was going, or if the almost 15 years of going to the same place was the problem this morning.

Thanks to all for your words of encouragement about returning to school.

Now to all of you computer experts...I may need your help at some point, because I am majoring in a computer field. ;-)

Friday, August 18, 2006

Not so "Confused"

In July I made a short post about some decisions, that I was in the process of making. I didn't go into any of the details.

Well, I made the decision about 2 weeks ago. I decided to go back to school. Yeah, yeah, I know people do it every day. Actually, a few years ago, I took 1 or 2 classes at night, and did pretty good. I was a little stressed between work, school & family.

So what is so different Remnants, stop beating around the bush & tell us. LOL Well, I quit my job; and will be going to school full-time. No, I didn't win the lottery. There will be some big changes in my life. Many of which I am still making, but I will be starting classes Monday morning, and hopefully knocking out the rest of my undergrad degree asap.

I will probably be a renter again soon as opposed to a homeowner....but actually I had about 328 more payments on the home, so who owned it really? :-)

Monday, August 14, 2006

Miscellaneous Monday Observations

This weekend I caught part of the movie "Carmen Jones" on TV. Now I must rent it and watch it from beginning to end. It was in color, but I think I want to see the original black and white. I didn't realize that it was an adaptation ofthe Opera "Carmen." What was my thought about this you ask? Well, there was a scene where Carmen (Dorothy Dandridge) was running from Joe (Harry Belafonte) and she was doing it in heals & a skirt. Running quite well I might add, and I just thought about how un-formal I dress in comparison to how they dressed in the '50's. I love the look of the era, but I am glad I don't have to run in heals. :-)

Another unbelieveable moment in Atlanta Traffic. We have these signs that warn about traffic. Usually, it seems that I don't pass the sign before I run into the problem. But the other day, I actually saw a sign warning me about the problem early enough so that I could choose a different route. Woo hoo! An amazing acomplishment in my travels around the ATL.

On the other hand a truly annoying moment in the car. Don't you hate it when people drive the wrong way down an aisle in a parking lot. Especially when there is a sign that says do not enter. As I sit in my car unable to exit, because the idiot in the "supersized" SUV has turned into the aisle that I am trying to exit. As I drove slowly by the idiot and glanced at him, I read his sleeve and it said "Police"...I thought they had to pass reading tests for that job. :-)

Hmm, pretty empty head if I only had 3 thoughts for the entire day. LOL Well, it's all I care to type about for now. ;-)

Have a happy Monday!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

There is no __________ ?

It was Saturday morning, and I was ready for breakfast. Not your normal breakfast, but a simple one anyway. I open the cabinet push aside the George Foreman grill, oops catch the blender, and yes there it is the toaster. I put it on the counter, plug it in, and grab the bread. Oh, boy this is going to be good. Open the fridge...looking in the door...the top shelf, ahh yes grape jelly. OK I am rolling now.

I open the pantry, it's not on the top shelf, no it isn't behind the crackers. Middle shelf, oh there, no not behind the Spaghetti sauce. Where is it. No, bottom shelf only canned vegetables. Maybe it fell on the floor behind the 20 rolls of paper towels. Nope, I never run out of it, it's one of those must have staples. OK think Remnants there is a teenager in the house. Maybe it's in the cabinet, nope only glasses & cups, ok the other only plates & bowls. Maybe it's no, no, not there don't open the'll get water on the floor.

ALL I WANTED WAS A PEANUTBUTTER & JELLY SANDWICH ON TOAST. Is that too much to ask? I ALWAYS have peanut butter....except when I want it. Dammit!

What ingrediant would have you dismantle your kitchen?

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Patience, Patience It's Thursday

I got off of work late the other day, and was too hungry to cook even a 30 min meal. I didn't want fast food, so I went to a cafeteria style restaurant. Was it the hunger head ache, or the fact that I have been out of the kid game too long?

As I walked in the door down the aisle to the food line, there was a family a mother and her son & daughter standing near the wall reading the sign. Maybe I can get in line before them, no, I wasn't fast enough. Uh oh what does the sign say? Say it isn't so, oh yes it is. "Kids eat free limit 2 per adult." I am too hungry for this, and not in the mood for smiling at cute kids. Well that doesn't really matter, cute is not here today, because Bay-Bay is in line in front of me with her Bad "A" kids.

Why do these cafeteria's put the desserts first? There he goes running toward the cashier with his tray, and the dessert (nothing else--just the dessert). All right, that did get a chuckle from me. Now for the scowl on my face, why did she let the 5 year old get his own tray? Didn't she know that would happen? I did, and I am too hungry for games right now.

Damn, does everybody in line have 2 kids? Did you go through the neighborhood & just pick up some children. Give me some food and I won't be so cranky. Ok, I will calm down.

Lord knows I worked the 99 cent menu when my son was little. Oh, free refills on drinks? One small please? I think the 1st time I bought us 2 drinks, he thought someone else was going join us to eat.

Finally, I am at the end of the line, let me get my bag & plasticware so I can go straight to the cashier. I want it to go, no I am not going to sit here in the restaurant, while the Bay-Bay's children run & scream. Oh, no not me. I'll go home and eat, and make note to self. "Cook on Thursday."