Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Did I Miss That Meeting?

I was home yesterday, and watched the Ty.ra Show. The topic? Tyra went undercover as a stripper. But before she did that they had some guys on the show that frequented the Strippah Clubs. LOL

One guy admitted that he was going too often. I think it was about 5 times a week, so he and his girlfriend had broken up because of it. Of course, Tyra asked him the standard questions. Why? (He said it was an ego boost. He weighed about 300 lbs, he had lost a lot of weight. Tyra didn’t congratulate him on losing all the weight.) The question of the day that had me wondering if I am missing one of the female hormones and the audience’s reaction to his answer.

QUESTION: “Did you ever fantasize about a stripper when you were with your girlfriend?’

ANSWER: “Yes, I did.”
Audience reaction was the collective breath. Not the customary fireworks “oooh”; but the Gasp, like everyone in the audience thought it was terrible.

Was there some meeting on rules for females that I missed? Is it a bad thing to fantasize about someone else during sex? Are there rules for ladies that I didn’t get? I mean the entire audience (all women that I could see) acted appalled. I was well--confused. Certainly, anything can be taken to an extreme. Yes, if you have to fantasize about someone else every time you are with your girlfriend/boyfriend etc. that could be a problem. But I think their reaction was just crazy.

They then cut to Tyra with a make up artist, the kind they use for movies, and gave her a different nose, eyes etc. It showed her getting interviewed & picture taken for the job. She was asking guys questions, while someone gave them a lap dance. She was being a good undercover report asking poignant questions. OOOKAAAY

Then back to the stage with the audience. Now some of the guys that had been at the club were on the stage, and their girlfriends/wives were there too. I think one of the women said she wondered what was wrong with her if he had to go. Then there was the couple that were girlfriend/boyfriend in a fairly new relationship, and she was a stripper. Guess what. She had a problem with her boyfriend going to the stripper club too. When asked why she had a problem, she said that he when he went he wasn’t making money like she was at the club, and she knew what went on at the clubs.

I really have to say I think that particular show made many of the women look a little stupid (the one’s in the relationships as girlfriends or wives.)

Of course she interviewed some of the strippers, as well. And at the last minute Ty.ra couldn’t go out on stage to strip. She left the club…For those of you (guys) worried that you may have missed something. LOL

I don’t think I would want to go with my man to the strip club. (One of the strippers on the show said that some of her regular customers were couples.) But I am not appalled at the idea of a bachelor party, or him just hanging with the guys at the strip club.

Am I unusual? Do most women have a problem with their husband/boyfriend going to strip clubs? I know that anything can be done in excess, but I think if you are secure with yourself & your relationship that it is ok. Am I being too na├»ve? Of course, I am not in a relationship right now. But even when I was in a relationship, I didn’t think anything was wrong with it.


West said...

re: "Is it a bad thing to fantasize about someone else during sex?"

YES! lol

Often, I side with the unpopular opinion, but not in this case.

If you're in a real relationship with X, but are fantasizing about Y, that's kinda f'ed-up, imho.

Would YOU be okay with someone doin it with you, but fantasizing about their ex-?

By the way, my g.f.'s fine with me going to strip clubs (although I never have) and she's gone to some kind of male review since we've been together. No biggie.

Freaky Deaky said...

I've always wondered what world Tyra lives in. I don't think there's anything wrong going to the strip club every once in awhile. Going five times a week is kind of on the excessive side to me. Personally, I don't generally like feeling or being treated like a trick so I don't frequent them.

I wouldn't mind my girl going once in awhile. However I would have a problem with her spending money (I don't care if it's hers or not) on another dude that could be better spent on me. :o)

Fantasizing about someone else every now and then isn't all that major. However, it's probably best not to share who and when you're doing it with your mate, lol. If it's something you have to do a lot then the relationship has some serious problems.

Remnants of U said...

Dang West, you had to go there...No don't want them to fantasize about their ex. (I am usually the ex that gets fantasized about. Ha-ha!) I guess I was thinking in terms of someone that you really have to fantasize about. Someone that you would never really have sex with. Favorite movie star, etc. not someone you have actually been with.

Wow, no bachelor parties at the strip club?

@ Freaky - ahh we see eye to eye on this subject. Ha-ha Not even if I went to Coinstar with my change & used that on the stripper? LOL

Note to self "Don't share fantasy about other people with boyfriend, just the fantasies that I want to DO with boyfriend. (Sigh) Once I find a boyfriend. LOL

West said...
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West said...

**resubmitted due to poor editing**

re: "Dang West, you had to go there...No don't want them to fantasize about their ex. (I am usually the ex that gets fantasized about. Ha-ha!)"

Ha! I heard that! lol

re: "I guess I was thinking in terms of someone that you really have to fantasize about. Someone that you would never really have sex with. Favorite movie star, etc. not someone you have actually been with."

It's one of those things that, in moderation, qualifies as "what they don't know won't hurt'em," but I admit it bugs me.

I mean, if I'm puttin' in WORK, I don't want somebody else gettin' the mental credit. ;)

If she's on my goodies, but thinkin' about Boris or Morris, we're gonna have to get a divorris.

(Okay, that was awful. I know!)

re: "Wow, no bachelor parties at the strip club?"

I've never done that, either, that I recall. (Watch me think of an example as soon as I hit "Publish.")

Remnants of U said...

@ West I love the Boris & Morris comment. LOL

West said...

Oh good.
I figured you all were grabbing your torches n pitch-forks and heading to Tallahassee.

West said...

i've noticed that some bloggers separate the names of celebrities (and maybe other words) with periods and whatnot. Why is that?

All I could think of was that maybe you didn't want your site to come up in a search for a celebrity's name... but I don't know why that would matter.

Just curious.

Remnants of U said...

@ West - Regarding separating names/words with periods or something. Yes, that is pretty much why I do it. So a search of the name/product/company wouldn't include my blog, statement etc. It doesn't really matter, but if I am thinking about it I do it.

West said...


Freaky Deaky said...

Nope, that change could still be better spent on me, lol. Maybe it's just me but there's just something that doesn't sound right about my woman going to spend money on a male stripper, get all worked up and horny doing the freaky stuff they do at the club, and then come home to me drunk, broke, horny, and smelling like a sweaty stripper. Nah, I don't think so.

You don't have a boyfriend? [shaking my head]

Remnants of U said...

@ Freaky - Suppose I came home just drunk & uh I mean suppose your girl came home drunk & horny after hanging out with her friends. Not broke & not smelling like some sweaty stripper.

No I don't have a boyfriend...Yeah, it's me. I'll get it together soon.

TTD said...

as long as he's not going to the club everyday of the week... my man can go.. i have no problem w/ it.. he actually stopped.. and i asked him why? i told him that i dont mind that he goes to the strip club occasionally b/c i know who he's coming home to & i trust him to know that he wont be acting out of character in the club..

fantasizing during sex.. it occasionally happens (in any relationship - i dont care what anyone says) but it should NOT happen often!

Remnants of U said...

@ TTD It seems that we are in the female minority on the strip club thing. Exactly, if he is coming home to you, he should be able to go.

Yes, moderation is the key on the fantasies. Thanks for your comments!