Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thursday Ramblings

I think I am on the computer more hours during the day, now than I was when I was working. But I am happier, less stressed (for the most part) . Or at least stressed but happier about this stress than I was at my job. Did I just say happier 2 sentences in a row? Ha! I guess some of my former co-workers would say I was rubbing it, just stating a fact. In a much happier way. LOL

My son ran out of gas last night, on the highway. Guess who had to get the gas can and go find his Ass...yeah, me. I just don't understand...must I ask him daily "Did you go to the gas station?" I know, maybe if I didn't go save him...but it was the highway, with trucks whizzing by. Ahh, maybe I should make him pay for the upgrade on our Triple A membership...because he has already used his limit of 3. Great idea if I must say so myself...He will be paying for the upgrade.

I really have more to ramble about, but this was a study break, and I have a few problems to finish before the 11pm deadline.

Don't leave me...I will try to post more often, and more interesting stuff. :-)


chele said...

Of course you had to save him. You're a mom! Definitely have him pay for that upgrade, though!

Freaky Deaky said...

Try not to forget about us little people when you're busy hanging out with all those cool college kids.

Remnants of U said...

@ chele - No matter how old they get...we put on the Mom hat when they are in trouble, don't we?

@ Freaky - Speaking of cool college kids...ha! I even put on the mom hat around them...When they ask if I am teaching, or taking the class...I don't be hanging out with them. ha-ha! You know I won't forget you Freaky.