Sunday, March 07, 2010

Always Thinking about Blogging

I just don't get around to it, and it isn't because I'm not at the computer. Oh well, I'm here now.

I work at night while many people (my earlybird friends) are asleep. On my off days...I am asleep before midnight. I should keep my schedule the same on my off days, but I don't. Ahh the only person that I am killing is myself with that. Get to the point Remnants...

Besides this schedule, one of the things that I hate about my job is also one of the things that I really like. Yes, I am an example of true conflict. Since I work on the weekend, I work alone Saturday & Sunday. Well, there is another dept that is in the building, but I have a whole floor to myself, and the other dept. doesn't have access without without me letting them in. So you can imagine the near heart attacks I've had when someone is in the office unexpectedly. Like the other night when I was arguing with the soda machine and or my wrinkled dollar bill. And suddenly I hear a rustling noise. I freeze to make sure I heard something. (Wouldn't do good in a scary movie. LOL) And one of my co-workers pops out of his cube and asks do I need some change. I'm not sure if I was more embarassed about talking to myself or that he scared me because I thought I was alone. It could have been worse though...his cube is on the way to the ladies room.

Oh the point...yeah, I like the quiet & the ability to work at my own pace during the 1am to 4am hours before my phone starts ringing. But what I hate about it is when something breaks...all hell breaks loose and I have no one to help me. Also in the back of my mind I think that if I am the ONLY one that is scheduled to be there...I should own it. Yeah I have to work on that, because I didn't go back school & finally finish to arrive here.

Taking one day at a time.