Monday, August 30, 2010

Randomly Random - That's me!

There is this new guy at work that talks in 3rd person. I had read some e-mails from him, ok sometimes keeping up in writing is difficult so I can see typing your name. But when we are having a is soo distracting. I couldn't look at my other co-worker, because then I would have lost it & laughed out loud. She had a smirk on her face...We had talked about it but I witnessed it today.

We'll call him Bob. He walks in the office, me "Hi, how can I help you?" Him, "Bob needs to needs to know who handles Project Y. So I looked it up and directed Bob to said project manager." I guess if I see him tomorrow, I'll great him with "How is Bob today?" Hey, I'll refer to him the way he prefers. 'Cuz when he comes through shooting...Hopefully, he'll remember I was nice to him. (I just hope he hasn't heard me laughing at his crazy a$$ with my co-workers.)

I went to see the "Expendables" on Wednesday. I kept wondering why Sylvester Stalone did his own stunts. I think once you've been an actor that long, oh well, what I think doesn't matter. I guess he needed the adrenaline rush. The movie was pretty good, although, I kept thinking of it as the geriatric action move. I think Jet Li's character was my favorite. And then on the way home I stopped by the Atlanta premier of "Takers" to stand outside & gawk at the people that had passes to go see it. Didn't really see any of the actors from the movie, but I saw a convertible Bentley...which was exciting to me.

Then on Friday, I went to see Takers. I really enjoyed the movie. Even if Edris wasn't shirtless/pantless in a scene. Really, I would still think it was a great movie! I just didn't realize that so many other people were off on Fridays before noon. Yeah, I like to go when it is really cheap.

I have to plan another day trip, just not sure where. Well, I guess I better go do some research!


Freaky Deaky said...

I wonder if Bob speaks in the 3rd person during sex. LOL. You're welcome for that image I gave you.

See, I've been hearing that geriatric action movie talk and I've been a little hesitant to see it. I may still manage to go see it before it's on DVD. I also heard that some of the actors should've had subtitles because they were hard to understand. I hate English speaking people being subtitled unless they're British English because well, they speak funny. :o)

Nothing wrong with cheap. That's how I roll when I go to the movies. Early and cheap works for me!

chele said...

I'm confused ... did you mean even though Idris WAS shirtless/pantless?? Cause he certainly was and he certainly looked good enough to eat.

Just sayin'

Remnants of U said...

@Freaky Yeah, thanks for that image only you...You should go see it while it is still at the theater. Yea for the el cheapo! LOL

@Chele That sentence was confusing. I was trying to say I enjoyed the movie even if there wasn't a scene with Idris in his boxer briefs. :-)

Ca88andra said...

OK, someone talking in the third person to me would leave me speechless!