Friday, September 10, 2010

A Week Later My DC Trip

Last week I went to DC again. On this trip I planned to get a SmartTrip card so I could just add money to it whenever I am in town. Unfortunately for me even though I love to quote the line "Reading is fundamental." when it is evident that someone didn't read instructions. I bought the wrong type of card. All of the Metro employees that I had to go to in order to fix MY mistake were very friendly & helpful.

I wanted to tour the area around White House & the Memorials. To do the area justice I probably needed more than a few hours. I walked to the Washington Memorial and sat in the shade, because it was a very hot day. So I really didn't do much but people watch and drink water.

I did buy a few post cards at the store that is at Washington Memorial & mailed them before I left town. I'm just mad that I didn't keep at least 1 of my favorite postcards for myself. I guess I have to go back & get another one.

Arlington Memorial is a stop right before the airport and I took a quick walk around there as well. I just stayed close to the entrance. I guess I need to concentrate on 1 thing on these short day trips. I did find that there is a tour bus that I can get off at various places in that area including Arlington Memorial and then board another tour bus. So maybe if I don't have to walk so much to get to each place I will get to see more.


Freaky Deaky said...

They wouldn't happen to have shot glasses and stuff at that store would they? I want to go there maybe in the fall or during spring for maybe a mini vacation and just be a tourist. Do you know where your next day trip is going to be?

Remnants of U said...

I don't recall seeing any shot glasses. There were mainly books & it was very small. There may be a bigger store at the Lincoln Memorial, at the other end. But it was such a hot day & my time was short so I didn't walk to that end of the National Mall.

I'm not sure, I'm leaning toward traveling for food. Of course it's not healthy, but a Cheese Steak might be calling my name. Who knows I might go back to DC.

Shamontiel said...

Every time I hear that "Reading is fundamental" line, I mimic the guy from "Class Act." "Reading is fundamental. Now let's get this school thing on. You...TEACH!"