Friday, August 20, 2010

Thursday Day Trip

Well, I did another Quick Trip, and no it wasn't a ride on MARTA to Buckhead. I have wanted to eat a chili half smoke from a well known DC landmark (<-- see link) for quite some time. And I planned my trip around eating there. Everything else was secondary. Oh, so that-- is near there-- ok maybe I'll go there. (<--How I thought it out in my head & when printing directions from google.)

I took the yellow line train to the U street Metro station from Reagan National Airport. It's a straight shot. The fare after 9:30a.m. was only $1.60 and the return trip would have been about $1.95 since it was going to be after 3pm. I got a Day pass, which is $9.00, and I got my $ worth.

One of the secondary places that I included in my planning was the African American Civil War Museum, because it is also a few steps away from the U Street Metro Station. I went to school in Texas, so I never got that history lesson. The museum is in a small space, but the presentation by the Curator made the museum experience more memorable than my meal. Except for that moment that I was sitting there thinking, OMG I might have to trip over 2 rows of college freshmen to get to the restroom. Uh oh, I don't KNOW where the restroom is. Just breath...Whew, emergency diverted. That's what I get for eating a chili sausage before 11am.

I stayed in the U Street Historic District, and followed part of the African American Heritage trail that includes buildings in that district. Just walking in the area, seeing a black owned businesses that have been in business for 40 to 50 years was interesting and heartwarming for me. I also spent some time at the Thurgood Marshall Center/12th Street Y this YMCA is where our first black Justice met with other lawyers when planning the landmark desegregation case. My trip may have been boring to some, but even though history was not my favorite subject when I was in school. This trip was so interesting that I will probably go back to DC & take some of the other self guided tours on this trail. I have the booklet for planning with maps of each area. Actually, DC has so much history African American and otherwise, so day trips don't provide enough time to see much. But I'll do what I can do.

On the plane home, I happened to be seated next to a man that said when he was in high school he used to go to Ben's for chili dogs before it was famous. He said it was just a hang out for black teens. And he to kind of gave me a little history about DC that isn't at one of the monuments. So even the "middle seat" flight was interesting. I really hate middle seats. LOL


Freaky Deaky said...

Middle seat? Not you Remmy. :o(

I've been to DC twice. Well more like through DC twice. From what I saw it's a place I wouldn't mind spending some time in (when it's a little bit cooler) and getting to know the people and places. I could see myself living there well, minus the awful traffic downtown. LOL.

So what did you get me? You did get me something didn't you? :o(

Remnants of U said...

Ha, ha! Yes, a middle was a full flight, but it was in the 1st row in coach, so a little extra leg room.

Yes, as I walked around, I was thinking that I could live there. It is an easy city to get around. Actually, I think parking spots in DC are either very costly or hard to come by, so I don't think I would drive much.

Umm, I got you a chili dog...but it has been sitting out for a few days now. **burp** LOL!