Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Tourist in ATL

What's that?! Yes, I know I live in Atlanta, but sometimes looking at your hometown like a tourist is a good thing. Haven't you ever had visitors and then suddenly hit all the at home attractions in a few days? And or realized that it has been years since you even drove past some venues.

Some I think are overpriced, but now with the internet it's easier to find bargains. Join them on Twitter or Facebook. If you don't want all their info in your timeline, open a Twitter account specifically for planning your trip & then join those pages. Then you can log in periodically to see when they have specials. Regarding your hometown & or somewhere you plan to travel, the attractions that are year round might have a cheaper fee during non-standard tourist times to attract locals. Some of our museums & the aquarium have happy hours and or music to lure you in and the prices vary. Knowing when those discount times are might allow you to visit more places. Or if it's where you live then you can do something out of the ordinary. An annual membership might be the thing for you, because the attractions have special events that are free to members.

Back to your regularly scheduled program. If you find yourself in Atlanta on a Wednesday evening between now and the end of September there is a free concert at Centennial Park. Wednesday Wind Down each week there are different artists that perform. It's an outdoor concert that is a wonderful way to get together with a group of friends with a cooler and a basket of food with music. Or if you like people watching going alone to listen to the music is great too.

The park is easy to get to from our Five Points Marta Station or if you drive there is parking close by (just some of the prices are much more than $4 RT train fare). Some Wednesdays are more crowded than others. The regulars that attend get to the park early so they can get a seat right in front of the stage. And of course it also depends on who is performing. But I've found that sitting outside of the amphitheater in the park allows you to spread out more and still enjoy the music.

Also, if you really plan on playing tourist the other venues near the park are the Georgia Aquarium, the World of Coca-Cola, and Georgia World Congress Center for someone attending a convention. Or if you work in the area remember Tuesdays & Thursdays there is Music @ Noon. Ahh so many things to do, so little time. Enjoy!


chele said...

My city is very touristy during this time of year. Sometimes it can be a hassle but then there are other times when I'm remembered what a cool place I live in.

Freaky Deaky said...

As a pop lover I'd definitely have to hit up the World of Coca-Cola. It is meant to be. Now if I could only work out good tickets to Wrestlemania and a decent place to stay I might be there in April.

I really need to look at my area as a tourist. There are plenty of areas I either haven't been to in years or have never been to at all. Makes it kind of difficult to find places that locals and tourists can find equally fun.

Remnants of U said...

Chele yes we need to take advantage of the coolness of our home cities. LOL!

Freaky - I think some of the World of Coca Cola tour is boring, but the fun part is at the end where you can taste all the different coke products. It's interesting how some of the drinks in other countries taste and or regionally across the US as well. Sometimes finding common interests between people can be difficult. Some people want to shop where ever they are I'm not one of those people. LOL