Sunday, August 01, 2010

Random Thoughts

Cock-a-doodle doo?!

I've discovered in my pseudo exercise (actual walk the dog) morning treks that someone has a rooster in their yard. I haven't seen him, just heard him. The first time I heard it, I though I was wrong, that maybe it was a small dog. But a few days later he just kept it up, and I realized it wasn't a mistake there was really a rooster crowing. He must be a suburban rooster, because he made more noise later in the morning than the day I passed the house early. Surely a country rooster would be crowing as the sun comes up, but I've never lived in the country.


I definitely prefer Spring/Summer over Winter, but this heat just drains the life out of me. I must be comfy with air conditioning. I have skipped a few events, because of the heat. I know I complained about the cold in the winter and now the heat. Must the weather be soo extreme?

Love Life

Sometimes I think I miss being in a serious relationship. But just recently I discovered that I just don't feel like putting the effort into sharing my time. Nice guy had fun with him, but I'm not in relationship mode right now. Maybe it's a phase. I'm sure he thinks the answer to a question he asked me is "because she's a bitch" LOL Oh, the question "Why is a pretty lady like you single?" Yeah whatever, I know that's a line. I think the last time he called me I was kind of rude. But he had called me left a message & then called back less than an hour later. Give me a chance to return the call please.


chele said...

I definitely do not miss being in a serious relationship. Now is the time for me to just do me. I may not feel like this always but for right now ... I'm good.

Remnants of U said...

Either I'll get REALLY good at being alone. Or I'll be a better partner when I find the right guy.