Thursday, August 12, 2010

Remnants Randoms

The last 2 Thursdays I have taken the train into Buckhead to go to the movies at the theater that is like a restaurant. The movies are only $6.00 during the week, and what I pay for popcorn a drink & or candy is about the same for a meal today I had quesadillas & a drink. I just realized that I can park for free, so maybe next time I might drive.

Last week I got there early, so I decided to walk to some stores across the street. Ohh boy was it hot. I am not planning on buying any furniture, but the furniture store was the best place to cool off. You know air conditioning & all the chairs & couches to "test." It was on the way to the other store so I stopped there. This time I just went to the theater. I like summer more than winter, but I don't like this heat. Yeah, it doesn't make sense, oh well.

I was going to do a day trip specifically for food, but I woke up late. It worked out for the best, maybe next week.

I actually made it to the Wed Wind Down yesterday. I guess when there is an event at Phillips the parking prices really get crazy. The lot that I used to park at was charging $15; so my co-worker that I was supposed to meet decided against the concert. I drove around and found something cheaper, but I couldn't tell her the street names so she went back home.

The concert was fun, and the people watching was entertaining. I guess just because you need a cane to walk, doesn't mean you need it to dance. Well at least the man that won the dance contest was able to dance without his cane. LOL! I guess I'm not brave enough to just take pictures of people wearing crazy stuff, or even sneak a picture of someone's picnic spread.

I also forgot that the park has the water that shoots out of the ground. Of course I don't have any kids to take there but it's free water fun.


Freaky Deaky said...

So what movie did you see and what's your total for the year?

I hate when people price gouge parking lots. I'm not spending more than $10 to park and that $10 is begrudging at best.

You can run through the water. I'm sure someone there will be nice enough to take pictures and send them to me. Be sure to wear white though, ok? Thanks! :o)

Remnants of U said...

I was just looking at the ticket stubs in my purse. I have to find my envelope, and count...I'll get back to you on the total.

Don't judge me...Last week I went to see "Grownups"; yesterday "The Other Guys" & today "Eat, Pray, Love."

Ha! Ha! yes I'd run through & trip over someones child. NOT!

Freaky Deaky said...

Damn, seems like I have to step my movie going game up!

*shrugs* And? As long as they're not crippled they'll get up and walk it off.

Remnants of U said...

Umm, it's not about THEM getting up. I did mention 1 if not 2 times I fell, right....Sheesh it's hard getting up at my age. Ouch!

Nix said...

I want to see all those movies you saw too. Which one to pass?