Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm Still Here

I'm going to ramble...
There are only 5 days until Christmas, and I have so much that I still need to do. 
Today I found a Facebook page that highlights my son's unit while he is deployed. He is even in a video on it. Yay! 
I dropped my phone & broke the screen...Boy did I feel lost without it while it was at the repair shop. 
No, really, really lost..I use my GPS on the phone all the time. I'm still learning my way around my new home city.
Must go get another pair of glasses...I have $ left on my medical spending account. Why do I wait until the last possible moment to use it? 
This is short, but I need to make a list for tomorrow so that I don't forget anything. I'm going to check it twice!


Freaky Deaky said...

Finished with your Christmas shopping? Oh yeah you now have one less day to do all you need to. :oD

Methinks you might like to procrastinate a bit.

How's the D-O-G?

If I don't chat with you before then Happy Holidays, Remmy!

Remnants of U said...

Yeah..I am a procrastinator, but part of it is finances.

The D-O-G is asking like a big baby..I was trying to brush him and he just roles on his back.

Happy Holidays to you too!