Monday, July 16, 2012

Overdue Rambling

Why do I say "I'll be back!" before I walk out the door? It's just me & the D-O-G, he has yet to say ok. LOL!

My son is back from deployment and happens to be in Texas!  I'm a happy mom! Taking a day trip to see him tomorrow.

I had a conversation with my neighbor, and they were having Hawaiian Day at her job so she was going to wear a tropical sundress. She said the guys had to wear Hawaiian shirts.  I work in a casual IT environment on a normal day 4 to 5 guys are wearing Hawaiian shirts & shorts.

I'm still getting lost, but it seems that some highways are always under construction. So the exits are never where my GPS thinks they are or the whole road has shifted from the last time I was on it. I get so confused!

Well, good night I have to get up early for my trip tomorrow.


Roy said...
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Freaky Deaky said...

I haven't had a Hawaiian shirt since middle school. I used to have a bunch of them. I miss them.

The D-O-G likes to be acknowledged which is why he likes you to tell him that you'll be back.

Congrats on your son being back. Hopefully he'll get to stick around as long as you like.

Remnants of U said...

@Freaky Well I'm sure one of the guys would be happy to tell you were you could find a new Hawaiian shirt.

I think I want the D-O-G to acknowledge my statement & say that he won't let any strangers in while I'm gone. LOL!

He'll be living in Atlanta :-( but at least he is in the states now. We hung out a little when I drove a few hours to the base he is at for a few days.