Friday, May 04, 2012

So Much for not Procrastinating

Here it is 4 months later & I kept putting off blogging.  So many stories have been in my head, but never made it here...I guess I have to do that part. :-)

I've started a new hobby (jewelry making)...and have registered for a basics class next week.  I've made a few earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Mostly I'm making it for myself, but I've given away some as birthday gifts.  I still have to learn more about the wire thickness that is best to use & standard lengths and techniques. So I'll probably have some pictures and a give a way soon.

This move to Texas is working out for me. I was very content in Georgia, and didn't have any desire to move back here. It's funny how life happens. Three years ago I said NEVER and here I am. I do miss Atlanta.

It's time to walk the D-O-G.



Freaky Deaky said...

Bad Remmy! Bad! I hope you stood silently in the corner after you walked the D-O-G.

I've noticed a lot of people getting into jewelry making so there should be lots of videos, forums, and sites for you to check out. I want to start a hobby. Maybe I'll finally try silk screening this summer. I might finally have some room to do it.

Glad you're liking hot Texas. First Hotlanta and now hot Texas. Methinks you really, really like heat. LOL.

Remnants of U said...

No corners for me. :-)

I didn't realize all the different ways to make & materials to use for making jewelry. I have alot to learn.

I don't like snow, so maybe...but I moved to hot Texas, because of the J-O-B.