Friday, September 30, 2011

Oh So Random

The state fair started today, and since I live in TX I must go. But the tickets are pricey, considering that once I get in, I have to pay for the stuff inside. Maybe I'll get the season pass, if I go more than once it pays for itself, plus I can take someone else one time.

I left work late today...late enough to get caught up in the just sitting in traffic kind of traffic. I took an exit that has a toll...I think it can be as much as 60 cents. I need to get one of those toll cards, I think it ends up being cheaper in some way.

My son was deployed & left the states the same week I was moving. I haven't heard his voice in about 3 weeks. I kind of have to avoid the news. There have been a few reports of bombs & such.

Ohh the Prairie View & Grambling game is this weekend, but I'm going to a dinner with friends at about the same time as the game. Oh well, maybe next year.

This was rambling...But I have to run, I'm supposed to meet my cousin, and she is 1 stop light away.


Freaky Deaky said...

Somebody has to be offering a discount to the state fair. Hope you have fun. Last time I went to a state fair it was swarming with people. I barely had a enough room to think let alone move without walking into someone. Next time I'll go during the day when people are supposed to be at school. LOL.

I'm assuming the toll road was quicker and less crowded? If so that toll card might be worth it.

Good and happy thoughts.

Have a great weekend.

Remnants of U said...

I'm hoping that it won't be butt to butt people, since my off days aren't the standard Saturday & Sunday.

Yes, the toll road was quicker & almost empty...I'll save about 1/3 if I get the card. I was about to sign up tonight..but I don't have my car tag memorized. Lazy done kicked in & I'm not going out until tomorrow.