Monday, September 13, 2010

I saw some kids today playing with one of those little battery operated jeeps. It made me think about this little car. The adult version of those kiddie vehicles. The only difference is this car has a top and well I guess it has an engine LOL. I wonder if there is a warning label inside that says it not for use on the highway. I guess I shouldn't make fun of it, because I'm sure it is much more environmentally friendly than my 14 year old sedan. Although if I'm ever offered this I hope my 2nd choice is a motorcycle, because I'd take the bike instead.

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Shamontiel said...

I'm with you there, and I write Green articles as a freelancer. But something about driving that car doesn't feel right with me. I seriously thought about getting a hybrid, but I didn't want to give up my Suzuki. Oh well, I recycle, participate in Earth Day and unplug everything I don't use. But I've been on a motorcycle once, and I've had the bike bug ever since.