Monday, January 15, 2007

What are you doing to live the dream?

That was the question asked today by Atlanta's mayor. I feel like I should have done more than sit home and watch the celebration of Dr. M. L. King, Jr. Day on T.V.

I had planned to volunteer, but didn't take the time to register last week. I could have at least gone to the parade.

I know that there are many things that need to change, especially living here in the south. Although, Atlanta is different than some of the Georgia towns that aren't many miles away.

However, I must say that as a child growing up in the south (Texas) in the 70's, I benefited greatly from the sacrifices made by Dr. King and the many others that endured water hoses, and hate filled crowds to just do go to school, or to be able to sit where ever they wanted.

I have been on buses, trains & airplanes. Why is it that as children the seats on the back of the bus were the most coveted? LOL I have witnessed black men keeping their seat as white women had to stand; and then he gave his seat to a black woman. That tends to bring a smile to my I wrong for that? I have even had the pleasure of sitting in 1st class on an airplane. Don't hate both times were for 45 minute flights, but it sure was nice. ;-)

And those are just the minor things. I do have to make it a point to volunteer more this year, especially since I didn't on this a "Day on, not a day off."

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Freaky Deaky said...

I don't know why the seats in the back are most coveted by kids. Maybe because it's the furthest they can get from the bus driver/adult supervision.

I'd think that Dr. King would give up his seat for a white woman or any woman gladly and when not forced to. I think he'd be a bit disappointed in the black men you mentioned.

So can I sing you up to volunteer to do some things for me? LOL! Well, I had to try.

Hope all is well in school.