Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Twenty-One Years Eight Months

Do you think that is a long time? Yes? No?

If I said that was the age of a soldier that died in war. "He died too young." Not a very long time on earth. So it seems like a short time, especially to me a 43 year old.

But when I say that was how long a man was in jail, and for a rape that he did not commit. OMG! That is a very, very long time. Here is a link to the story.
He is now 44 years old, and he was in jail for half his life. Fortunately, there was DNA from the crime, and the DNA tests were done to free him.


chele said...

Wow. I don't even know what to say. It would be difficult not to be bitter after something like that. He seems to be very positive about the situation.

West said...

I've heard of this one or something similar.

Insanity. This kind of thing is why I'm not in-favor of the death penalty.

I'd love to catch all the evil #$^'s, but the chances are too great that we'll catch some innocent ones, as well.

Besides, we still haven't agreed on a humane method of execution - hell we don't agree that "humane" and "execution" are NOT mutually exclusive.

Remnants of U said...

@ chele Yes, he and his family seemed to be; I couldn't even imagine not being bitter in that situation.

@ West there have been a couple with in the past year or 2. Apparently the Georgia Innocence Project has been successful in getting the DNA for these old cases. But I agree with you about the death penalty.