Friday, January 05, 2007

Disturbing trend

Well, it disturbs me anyway. During my holiday time off, I have caught quite a few movies. I may do some reviews here. However, I never feel like I can do them very well without giving away some of the plot. But I guess I could work on that here.

Since I like going to movies so much, I tend to go during the day when it isn't as crowded, and supposedly when it is cheaper. But it seems that they are doing away with the matinee's. I am hoping that maybe I am wrong, and after the holiday season it will return.

Last year I went on a Saturday, expecting a matinee price at an "_ M _" theater, and was told that only the 1st movie of the day on the weekends had the cheaper price, so I paid the high price, and started going to their competitor. Then it appeared that only the movies that started before noon were given the cheaper price. Now, it looks like they are doing away with matinee prices all together. Maybe it will only be the weekend movies, and possibly only here in the Atlanta market. I will have to research it and see.

But it just seems to me that the way the industry calculates box office sales and the fact that they have made it too expensive for movie going to be a family outing that movie going may be a thing of the past soon. I know many people prefer to wait for video and watch at home, but I like seeing movies when they first come out. There is something about the big screen, and the smell of popcorn that makes that one of my favorite things to do. I know there are ways around the high prices of the snacks & the movies...and I will admit to nothing here. :-)

But I may spend less money if I invest in a big screen & popcorn maker at home. The prices are on the way done on the TV's.


scratchie said...

I know exactly what you are talking about. At the cost of the cinema here and the size of my family it actually works out cheaper to buy the DVD (the legal ones)and watch them at home. The DVD's are coming out at almost the same time the movies are released here so....... The only thing holding me to the cinema is the popcorn and idea of actually getting out of the house.

Freaky Deaky said...

I blog about something similar a couple of weeks ago. The studios are charging the theaters more to show the films, the theaters make most of their money on concessions so they raise the price of admission to see the movies.

The problem is that between the crappy movies, bootlegging, downloading them from the Internet, video on demand, and the fast turn over time before most movies are released on DVD the only reason to go to the movies is for the big screen, surround sound, crowd, popcorn, and just to say that you went out.

I'm of the mindset to do like you and get a big screen TV and make some popcorn at home.

Remnants of U said...

@ Scratchie Yes, there is something about the popcorn at the theater. :-)

@ Freaky Dang, you mean I have to pay for the bad movies, even if I am smart enough NOT to go see them. ~~cough~~Snakes on a Plane~~~cough, cough. :-)

West said...

That's an unfortunate trend, for sure.

Btw, you might want to consider a digital projector. It's got it's "cons" but it's hella cheaper, lighter, and more versatile than a big-screen television.

Hassan said...

Just remember that you actually 'pay' for the movie and talent these days. Most of the studions either own or have a particular chain in their pocket, so they easily make the budget back from concessions and box office reciepts.

A projector or a big screen TV will work in your favor. Also, Check out Morgan Freeman's new joint where he (they) will offer first runs via download.

chele said...

I love going to the movies too but the expense is a definite factor. I only take the time and spend the money if it's a flick that I KNOW I'm going to love. Otherwise, I'll wait for the DVD.

Mad Bull said...

I love going to the movies because of the atmosphere and because we get out of the house, but I want to get the big screen TV and surround sound and watch the shows at home too...

Remnants of U said...

@ West I knew you would be my technical insight...I never heard of a digital projector though..I guess I'll look at them.

@ Hassan I never realized that the theater chains did that, but it makes sense.

@Chele I may have to be a little more discriminating in what I go see...I guess Denzel movies would be my 1st choice.

@ Mad Bull Yes, I want my cake and would like to eat it too ;-)