Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where in the World is Remnants?

I planned to do a "This is my last blog from Atlanta" post, but of course the last minute "To Do List" was pretty long. This year has been a year of change, some of it good & some not so good. Some of the change I had no control over it and some of the change I did. So today is my 1st post from my new location. I still have to move into my new apartment just waiting for my furniture to be delivered.

Soooo where am I?

Unfortunately, I see now that the picture isn't as clear as I thought. But I am in Texas now. I know it is a big state...I'll narrow it down for you once I have my furniture & can blog from my own place. Some of you may already know.

I came by land & air...Yeah, I had to make it difficult. But it was the only way to get the D-O-G here without giving up a 2 arms, a kidney & my bank account. Not sure that the 1,600 mile round-trip drive wasn't 2 arms & my kidney, but we are here.
I might have to do a post from his perspective, because he was not feeling the motel room with the very slick wood floors. LOL!

I know this is short & I didn't give up much info, but I need to go pick up some things from the store.

I'll be back!


TravelDiva said...

I totally forgot about you moving. Hope all is well in Texas.

Freaky Deaky said...

Say hi to George W. and crew. LOL. Hope you get your furniture soon. I don't think the D-O-G was amused with the motel's choice of floors and less so with you laughing at him. Oh I know you laughed. :o(

Remnants of U said...

@TravelDiva So far so good in TX. The heat is sweltering, but at least I can go inside with air conditioning. I hope the hurricane misses you all.

@Freaky Right...Like I'm even in the circles that "dubya" travels. LOL! I have my furniture and boxes galore. I was soo happy when I walked in and saw the wood floors, because it being dog friendly I didn't want to find any fleas. But yes after I figured out why he was hesitating & I tried to help him. It was funny, I laughed. *Hangs head*

Room Designer said...

Hope you get adjusted to Texan style & culture ASAP.

CowgirlCre said...

The things we do for our dogs!! Thank God u didn't ship him to TX via plane. We have seen all that craziness ..losing peeps dogs, etc. Im glad u had safe travels.