Sunday, October 03, 2010

What a week!

This was a busy week. It started out with meetings on Monday at work. Have you ever been in a meeting that outlasted your coffee or beverage? It's hard not to keep picking up the empty cup. I know it wasn't just me Monday though, because I spotted other people looking at dry cups or water bottles. The most annoying thing about meetings is when there is a whole lot of talking, but no real answers. Yeah it was one of THOSE meetings.

The rest of this month HAS to be good, because this past week also included a tri-fecta of everyone's favorite errands. The #1 favorite has to be waiting for a utility company. You know the 4 hour window wait...which really wasn't bad he came within the 1st hour. But part of the outcome was that I had to call my landlord. And she was a delight to talk to. **that comment is dripping with sarcasm**

Also, I had to deal with a state agency, and experienced being transferred soo many times I lost count. The 1st day I actually found a helpful & nice employee that was really helpful, but after she completed her magic I had to call back & that is where the fun began. My tip from that experience is just don't bother them on a Friday. But the saga will continue next week.

I did get to squeeze in another tour of Atlanta with an guest from out of town. I hadn't been to the King Center in ages. The mother of a friend of mine was visiting one of her nieces so I got to spend the day with her. Since she is in her late 70's I wanted to make sure I didn't have her walking too much. But there was a point when I asked her if she wanted to sit for awhile that I think she did it, because she thought I was the one that was tired. Visiting the historic site with a senior citizen was very interesting, and she hadn't been to Atlanta before, so she enjoyed seeing the Atlanta perspective.

Yesterday I had a free pass to the movie screening of "Life as We Know It". It was a cute movie. Boy meets girl with a twist. And I teared up at the appropriate times, but overall it was funny. I'm glad it was free though.

I hope you have a wonderful week!


Freaky Deaky said...

You mean your landlord isn't a sweetie pie? *gasp*

State agencies are always the best to call on weekends, especially after noon. I also have some beachfront property for sale on the cheap. LOL

I haven't taken advantage of a free pass in months. The last couple of times they just didn't give me enough notice. It's a shame because I definitely wanted to see the movie but I need more than a few hours notice.

Remnants of U said...

Wouldn't you know the state employee called me while I was in a meeting and couldn't answer.

Fortunately these last free passes I had at least about 5 - 7 days notice. My biggest problem was getting to the theater, because my google map had a very confusing instruction in the directions. So I drove in circles about 3 times before I actually spoke to a person and got better directions.