Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Weekend at Remmy's

I guess last week I had a staycation with my friend from Cali. I really like this picture, and no it's not me or my friend that visited. This is one of the residents at the Aquarium. We had a great time. There were exhibits that had me oohing & ahhing like a 5 year old. I think it has been about 3 years since I had been there. I know a few people that think going to the aquarium is something you do with kids. But we didn't have any to take kids except our inner child. Fortunately for we had free tickets, but I think there are discounts when you go late in the day. It's best to check the website, because there are days that it closes earlier than normal, but it's open 365 days a year.

I did realize last week that cigarettes are not only expensive, but time consuming. I guess I was a bad hostess, because I didn't let her smoke in the house or the car. But she understood, she said she doesn't smoke in her own home. But waiting for her to finish or start a "quick" smoke, really wasted ALOT of time.

Overall in just 4 days we squeezed in rest, shopping, tourist stuff & catching up with another former co-worker. Hopefully, I'll get to visit southern Cal in the next few months.


Freaky Deaky said...

Did you blow kisses at the fish?

That doesn't make you a bad host. It's not like you made her strip and hosed her down before you let her back in your house whenever she wanted to smoke. Think of the D-O-G Remmy. :o)

I like aquariums.

Remnants of U said...

No kisses, but I did get close to the glass a few times.

Oh, the D-O-G is soo spoiled so having someone else there to rub his stomach or scratch behind his ears...he loved it.

chele said...

There is no such thing as a "quick smoke". Those pics look kinda scary. Glad you had a good visit.