Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm So Excited!

One of my good friends is coming to visit. She'll be here tomorrow, I have some last minute things to pickup & cleaning to do. I've been rather depressed lately, so this is something that is a bright spot for awhile.

I've been able to plan some of the things that I only do when tourists come to town & I even got free tickets, yippee! So, I should have a picture or two when I update in a few days.


Freaky Deaky said...

Please don't go to a club and crack someone over the head with an expensive bottle of champagne. The cheap stuff works just as well. LOL.

Hope you and the friend have fun and if any shiny pants are worn pictures magically appear in my inbox. What?! Did you run having a guest by the D-O-G?

Remnants of U said...

Ohh, does cheap wine count? LOL

Oh, remember the D-O-G thinks he's a person...So yeah he'll be happy especially if she scratches him behind his ears. :-)

TravelDiva said...

Why have you been so depressed, baby doll? I'm glad your friend is coming for a visit and your spirits are up. Have a great time. I've been there, got prescriptions for dat...I know...this too shall pass. Hang in there & enjoy the moment with your friend.