Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Random Thoughts

I watched this past weekend's SNL episode online. Betty was funny, and then some skits weren't so funny.

I have a new favorite website. Not everything is something that I would eat, but the photographers make everything look so appetizing. Well, Looking at a dessert IS calorie free.

Mother's Day was nice & quiet. Sundays are my Friday, so I start catching up on my sleep. My son stopped by after he got off from work & we watched a movie, and ate the fast food that he brought me.

The news is on showing a drunk driver that drove into a house & killed a 14 y.o. who was sleeping in his bed. Her blood alcohol was 2x the legal limit. It happened 2 years ago, sometimes it amazes me how long it takes for cases to get to court. She (the drunk driver) got the maximum which is 15 years. The father says the family forgives her but their son is still dead, and they have to live a new "normal."

This is a crazy weather week/month last week I was sweating at about 10 am when I took the dog for a walk. But this morning I was looking for my sweatshirt, because it was a cool morning. But temperature differences is nothing compared to the flooding in TN & the tornadoes in Oklahoma.

I bought 10 lbs of potatoes Sunday. Yeah, it's still just me in the house, I really only wanted to make some garlic mashed potatoes. But I could have bought 3 potatoes for the same price, so I bought the 10 lb bag. If you are in the Atlanta area & want some potatoes, let me know soon :-).

I'll stop rambling now, and go look up some potato recipes.


Freaky Deaky said...

Happy belated Mother's Day!

I was kind of shocked that she was so visibly nervous at times. All and all I enjoyed Betty White on SNL. It was one of the funnier shows this season in my opinion. The big dusty muffin was so wrong but hilarious!

Seems like the weather is stuck on confused. One week it's 70s & 80s and the next week it's in the 40s, rainy, and dreary. I just wish we could stick with one thing for a good two or three weeks.

I'm sure you will get some offer on your potatoes. LOL.

Reggie said...

I didn't see SNL with Betty White on it live; but I did watch a few segments of it online. What little I did see was funny.

To be at such an advanced age I was impressed with her ability to poke fun at herself and have perfect timing.

Remnants of U said...

@Freaky Thanks for the Mother's Day wish!

I think I read somewhere that she never really wanted to do SNL. But once her fans demanded it she did. But I think she is naturally funny.

I don't know...I still have about 7 pounds left. I may have to stand at a red light like the guy selling bags of fruit.

@Reggie I watched the whole SNL episode online. I think making fun of herself is what she does best.