Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Randomness & things that make me go Hmmm

When did compound cuss words become common? Namely the word bitchassidness (my spelling) I have seen it spelled different ways; and think it is a very relevant term. I just wonder why I am stuck in single syllable cuss word hell.

When exactly did companies start making the bulk of their profit on fees, instead of just whatever they charge for their service etc.? And or requiring a contract instead of providing the best customer service to keep customers?

Why do people think that only voting in the "Big" elections is the thing to do? Don't they know that voting in the local elections is just as important? Especially if having enough police to control crime or keeping enough firemen employed to protect us & our property is important to them.

Is all publicity good publicity? Example of the week...Katt Williams.

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