Sunday, November 08, 2009

I have to start somewhere

I blog in my head all the time...but it never makes it to the computer. There are so many things that I have running through my head. So today I guess this will be a very random post.

Fort Hood, TX was practically home for me as a child. My parents bought their house in the city just outside of the base. But everything we did was on Fort Hood. I took swimming lessons & went swimming at an indoor pool on base. All my medical care was at Darnell. I went to movies there...I can't really remember the 1st time I went to a movie off base, but I remember thinking "Did I miss the National Anthem?" According to my son...movies on a military installation still have the "National Anthem" before the movie starts. We went grocery shopping at the commissary, and also did other shopping at the PX.

I went to the only Catholic school in town, and some of my friends lived on base. One of my best friends lived near this field that we really shouldn't have been playing in at times, but we did and we could see the imprints in the grass where helicopters had landed.

My father's funeral was in a chapel on Post. The service is actually a blur in my memory, but I do remember the drive to the cemetery, and I remember the soldiers in uniform stopping & saluting the procession as we went by.

I lived on post when I was married. My son learned to walk in the house his dad & I lived in there. And as an adult he went through training & the processing that soldiers go through on there way overseas.

So someone shot our soldiers & civilians working on the post that I once called home. I have fond, happy & some sad memories there. But the families of those that were shot & injured or killed there, will just have awful memories about the largest military installation in Texas. That their family member was killed or injured there while still in the US.

They are in my prayers...

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