Saturday, November 17, 2007

What's Good?

If anybody is still around to read my blog, you may know that I like to watch movies. I wil start with two tha I watched one a few weeks ago when it 1st came out, and one today on DVD.

Why 2 you ask? Well, because a reporter compared the 2 when interviewing Per. ry. OK you guessed it the 1st one is "Why did I Mar. rie.d" I went to see it the Friday that it came out...matinee of course.

I enjoyed it. Why? Well, because all the men in it looked GOOD! Umm the sheriff, oh yeah, the movie. I think it covered many of the personalities that one might find in a group of 8 or so people. And in Tyle.r Per..ry fashion, he had humor mixed with the moments that had eyes watering, and the conclusion with a message.

I think the can be a catalyst for some great discussions about communication, relationships and honesty or lack of honesty. In my opinion the best performances were of Sheila, Mike & Angela. So if you haven't seen it, you will have to in order to know who the actors are that played those characters.

The second movie is one that I watched because one or two reporters, critics compared it to (what some call a classic) "The Big Chill." The comparison was because they are both in the comedy/drama genre? oh yes about collge friends getting together. Hmmm ok, whatever.

I have to admit that since I was at home, the second movie didn't have my full attention at some points, so I did get some of the characters confused once or twice. But what did I really like about movie 2 you ask? What might make me watch it again? The sound track. There were quite a few Motown classics in it from the Temptations, to Smokey Robinson, to Aretha Franklin, and one of the songs my dad & I used to sing together...sit down please, you may not believe this one. "Jeremiah was a Bull Frog" ok the real title is "Joy to the World" but just so you realize we weren't singing Christmas Carols. LOL I know all the words...Didn't understand them I realize why my mom was so irritated with us when we sang it, but it was fun.

"...never understood a single word he said, but I helped him drink his wine
and he always had some mighty fine wine.

Joy to the world... Ok flash back is over. :-)


Freaky Deaky said...

I'm sure someone I know will get Why did I Get Married on DVD when it comes out. I'll probably watch it then...maybe. I haven't seen The Big Chill in years. A reporter brought up the comparison between both movies here too. Maybe Tyler keeps asking them to do it in order to get non Blacks to watch it.

Remnants of U said...

At least watch it on DVD. I enjoyed it, but it isn't a movie that Requires the big screen of a movie theater.

scratchie said...

I saw the Tyler Perry one and agree with you. It's not a must see. I've seen some better ones but it can watch if you have the time.