Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

What was I doing at 10:30 this morning? One of my favorite things, I went to a movie...yes I know it's early, but that is the only time that the matinee only costs $5.00.

I went to see "This Christmas" and I enjoyed it. It was centered around a family for the holidays and the secrets that some of the family members had. It had its comedic moments without the "slapstick buffoonery"that so many comedies have. Although the girl fight in the rain...well, I guess that was for the men. LOL The dramatic scenes about each of the characters made the movie complete. I must say Regina King did a great job, and she has me "thinking" about working out...but with first I have a big dinner to eat. :-)

I read a few critics comments about the movie that weren't very favorable about it. However, after seeing the movie, I realized that he mis-stated some of the information. He gets paid for being a critic, you would think he could get info about the story right.

This Thanksgiving, I am very thankful for being able to go to the movies, and later enjoy a great meal later with family and friends. I have a lot to be thankful about. I hope you enjoy your holiday!


Villager said...

Are you going to return to blogging in 2008?

I haven't seen This Christmas yet. I 'spose I need to add it to my Netflix queue...

peace, Villager

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