Sunday, November 18, 2007

More Thoughts

on a recent movie that I have seen. B.ab..y Gone

There were some typical hollywood moments and outcomes in this movie. However, it really surprised me. Morgan Freeman did an amazing job as the police captain (not surprising.) Who would think Ben Affleck would do such a good job writing & directing this. I think I read a review that it was his directorial debut. But he did direct another movie.

I never really do a synopsis of the movie because I am afraid of giving something away. The trailer of course shows that it is about a private detective that helps investigate the kidnapping of a toddler. Even though he doesn't have experience in that type of case, family members hire him because the local people won't cooperate with the police.

One of the lines in the movie that I remember (not sure I am quoting it exactly right) "Murder is a depends on who you do it to."

That statement for me is the key to at least one of the moral dilemmas in this film. (I think that in an overview of the film it has another tagline, but I focused on that one.) I watch so many movies that I tend to know how it will end before the 1st or second scene is over. This one surprised me. The moral dilemmas that this presents tears relationships apart, and I think is a very good discussion point for those that like to debate or at least have an interesting conversation.

I hope that if you watch the movie, you will let me know what you think.

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scratchie said...

I'll try to go see it or at least get it.