Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Helloooo! Is anyone out there?!

I have been gone for awhile...School has kept me busy. I didn't realize how much I wasn't doing (besides work & studying) until, I came back here & saw my last post & started catching up on some of my favorite bloggers. And considering that I didn't get straight A's; maybe I should have taken a break now & then. I got 1 A & mostly B's & a C.

Well, I have a few weeks off until summer school, and I think I have a few noteworthy posts in me. Now that I don't HAVE to write according to MLA standards. Geesh if I had 1 more research paper to write, I think my head would have exploded.

So I am off to get a pedicure before work, and hopefully, I can recall some of the postworthy thoughts that I had while studying.

Oh, yes, and I added a button on the side for the "Webtender"; so during my break...I may be trying 1 or 2 new drinks. :-)


Freaky Deaky said...

[The year 2037] Remmy is that you? Come here and give me a hug but not too hard or you may break my artificial hip. It's been years since you've last been here. LOL!

So what are you saying? We're not good enough for MLA standards? :o( I feel you. I wouldn't even touch a book or write anything I didn't absolutely have to when I was in school last time.

You didn't do so badly in the grades department.

Remnants of U said...

2037? OOh Freaky aren't you the smart aleck? LOL!

Yes, I used to be happy with my B's; and then I had to make friends with people on the Dean's List...Damn! I need to find other friends don't I?

scratchie said...

Hey Remnants, Just doing my swing by and realized...what the heck...a post!!! The grades are good. Keep it up.

Remnants of U said...

Well, I hope you didn't fall off of your chair...But yes, a short break...So I have time to post.