Monday, June 13, 2011

My Weekend Update

I was supposed to leave work early yesterday to attend a book reading, signing & tea. The book is Silver Sparrow and the author Tayari Jones. Wouldn't you know something broke & I had to bring my new director up to speed. So I didn't make it. *wipes big tears from eyes & blows nose*

However, Friday evening I did attend her reading & signing. The event was awesome! I enjoyed hearing her read. (it made the chapter seem more vivid than when I read it) The questions that other readers asked, and hearing Tayari's thoughts & writing process was soo exciting. Sheesh I'm going to miss Atlanta, because I don't see my future home city in her events past or future.

Of course the other thrilling part of the evening for me was that I finally met the very entertaining LadyLee. I might not have read Silver Sparrow or known about Tayari Jones if not for Lee stalking her & "introducing" me to her books. I was also hoping to meet the great Dr./writer/cookie baker extraordinaire. So my Friday evening was wonderful, and a little bittersweet, because Atlanta is a unique city, and it's been my home for almost 20 years now. And I have to move by the end of the summer. Oh & look at the page that was signed for me!


Freaky Deaky said...

Is the D-O-G aware of these developments? He'll need a chance to get vengeance upon the squirrels before leaving.

Glad you got to meet your author and LadyLee.

Remnants of U said...

Shh! not yet, I'm looking for an apartment with or near a dog park. Even the squirrels try to stay cool in this weather.

Thanks! I'm reading "Leaving Atlanta" her 1st book.