Sunday, January 30, 2011

Welcome Home!

This morning my dog woke me up at about 3:30am. I rolled over when I realized what time it was, just yelled at him to lay down. But he kept whining & was at the side of the bed with his paws on the edge of the bed so he could look in my face. I thought about it & realized that since he was whining & persistent I should get up & take him out.

I am glad I did, because he did have to go. He takes care of business and back in the house we go. So I can get that last hour of sleep before work. He was still whining a little, but he laid down and I dozed off until the alarm went off.

Out we went again his normal time, but really it's only been an hour. He takes care of business again.

Now I am into my normal morning frenzy, and he was acting a little unusual. As I am getting my lunch together I look at him and see that he still looks sick because he starts as if he is about to throw up. I run to the door leash in hand, "D-O-G come on!" Too late! (he used to run to the door in our other house.) OK so now I go to the kitchen to get paper towels. When I come back to the spot...I see that my conscientious dog has cleaned up his mess. Umm, yeah he licked the carpet. Note to self will shampoo the carpet this week.

I have to get to work. Oh if only someone made doggy saltines. I get all my stuff together and leave the doggy and the house for work.

Hours later I'm Back home! Oh boy my doggy is happy and he's better. The spot on the carpet appears to be the same size...I don't see any more spots. Cool! And then I turn around. Woe is me. Doggy diarrhea on the carpet. My last thought on the way to work, "I should put him in the bathroom & close the door."

But I must have really wanted to shampoo my carpet today. Oh, what a wonderful way to end a long work day. I pretty much hit the spots with the shampoo-er. I'll have to do the whole thing this on my off days.

So the lesson of the story. Stop! Do what your mind tells you to do.

At least I own a carpet shampoo cleaner. No vet bill that I can't afford. It was a nice almost 70 degree day. And I'm sure I provided entertainment for anyone that could see me on the back porch washing the back half of the D-O-G. It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood!


TravelDiva said...

Oh, for the love of our pets. JEEZE!

chele said...

Thanks for giving me one more reason not to get a dog.

Freaky Deaky said...

Aw poor doggie! At least he has his handsome dignity back now that his rear half has been cleaned. I'm sure those squirrels or a jealous canine rival is to blame. Damn haters!

Remnants of U said...

@TravelDiva Yeah, gotta love them, crap & all.

@Chele Oh, I hate to deter you from the joy of dog ownership. :-) Especially if you are a few short years from having an empty nest.

@Freaky Deaky Yes, the rear is clean. Yeah, I know they taunt him, One of the must have slipped something in his food. LOL!