Saturday, December 11, 2010

Recipe "Okra Remnants"

Since this is longer than 140 characters...And I like the name.

I had been thinking about stewed okra & tomatoes for about a week or more. And lo & behold someone gave me some fresh okra. (I'd never cooked fresh okra myself)

I'd say it was about 2 to 3 large handfuls of okra. I cut them up & got rid of the tips & stems. I then boiled the okra in some water with a little sea salt.

I cut up about half of a medium onion & sauted (yea not spelled right) it in a little olive oil until the onions were cooked.

I had 3 whole tomatoes that I cut up & added to the onions in the skillet. I then realized that this was not going to be enough tomatoes, so I added a 14 oz can of whole peeled tomatoes. (I usually just stick the knife in the can to cut up the tomatoes)

I drained the boiled okra & threw everything in my crock pot for about 2 hours while I ran errands. When I came back I tossed in a little less than half a box of whole grain penne pasta. I think the pasta was done in about 30 minutes.

I (who always wants meat in my meal) really enjoyed this...I did add a little jalepeno pepper to spice it up.

Sorry about the non-measurements...but this was a bit of an experiment for me & it turned out to be successful & tasty.

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